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Normally, we would say look, but don’t touch, but you probably won’t be able to resist with these textured greens. This fresh and convenient box of greenery includes leatherleaf fern, foxtail, plumosus, tree fern and sprengeri, perfect for the touch you need to make your arrangements pop.

Product Info —

If you’re looking for some fun and flair for your arrangements, look no further than these textured greens. This box includes:

Leatherleaf, Foxtail, Plumosus, Tree Fern, Sprengeri

Available in 10 bunch or 20 bunch quantities.

The 10 bunch box includes two (2) bunches of each of the type listed above, for a total of ten (10) bunches, while the 20 bunch box includes four (4) bunches of each type listed above, for a total of twenty (20) bunches, per box.

This box and each other box of assorted fresh, handpicked greenery that we offer year-round ship for FREE via FedEx, straight to your door. (No PO boxes, please.)

While we stand behind our dedication to great quality and personal service, we are unable to control delays in shipping. We pack our greens with the utmost care for shipping and handling conditions, provide tracking information as applicable and do not anticipate any major shipping delays, however, once our products leave our facility, we have no control over the shipping process.

MIXED BOXES: Due to the seasonality and demand of some of our greens, occasionally, substitutions may be necessary. If we need to substitute two (2) or more of the greens listed for your box, we will contact you via phone or email to confirm with you or discuss alternative options.

Once you receive your order, please be sure to check for accuracy and quality as soon as possible, and please contact us if there are any issues.



CARE: For the best care of your fresh greens, keep them as cold as possible, above freezing. Keep your greens covered, such as in the sleeves or boxes, to reduce the drying out of leaves and stems from circulating air in coolers and facilities.

If needed, you can remove and discard stems and leaves that are showing age. On the bottom, you can also re-cut stems at angle with a sharp knife, removing at least one inch of the stem, and place in a container with water, to increase hydration and lengthen the life of your stems.

If placing stems in a container, always remove any leaves that are under the water line to avoid rotting. Be sure to check the water level of your container daily, and replace if it becomes dirty or cloudy.

Avoid placing fresh greens in direct sunlight or near heat or a heat source. It is best to refrigerate or place them in a cooler as soon as possible in order get the most life out of your greens as possible.

About Us —

Albin Hagstrom & Son has taken all measures possible to deliver the best fresh cut greenery in the industry. We have utilized everything learned in 92 years of business to do this. Our process begins in the fields, by sparing no expense to grow the healthiest plants and cuttings possible. From there, our growing family takes every step to ensure the cold chain begins as early as possible, all the way to shipping our products to you.

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10 Bunch Box, 20 Bunch Box


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Eucalyptus ~ Plumosus ~ Pittosporum ~ Nagi ~ Salal
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