Friday Funday – Best of 2021

Cheers, it’s almost Christmas!

Well folks, we made it.

Another year has *almost* come and gone, and for many around the world, there’s lots to celebrate as we say goodbye to 2021 and prepare to usher in the New Year as 2022 begins in just a few hours.

Here at Albin’s, 2021 was our ninety-third year in the business, and while our industry has grown and changed over the years, one thing has remained the same, and that is the dedication of us, along with our fellow floral greens producers, to producing fresh greenery that will be shipped and sold around the world to make countless works of floral art come to life, for many different occasions and seasons.

With our ever-focus on providing products of great quality with personal service to the many members of our “Albin’s Family” all year long, and our increased focus this year on interacting with our customers and supporting the industry, we get to see floral magic created throughout the year, from our customers and beyond.

We didn’t forget these designs. On social media, and here in editions of our #FridayFunday blogs, we spotlight several designs each week that relate to a season, theme or holiday, but like many other showcases, we’ve saved the best for last.

As we prepare to ring in the New Year this weekend, check out a few of favorite designs from throughout 2021, in the final #FridayFunday of the year! ?

Okay, we admit this one is from this winter, but amongst all of the Christmas designs, there’s a few that bring to life the winter season, too, including this set, which is one of our favorites!

Designed by James Pietrzykowski of Legacy Design & Events, an event florist based in New York, these beautiful winter wedding pieces bring a touch of frosty coolness to the warm tidings of a special day, including centerpiece vases, mantle décor and other assorted pieces.

No arrangement is ever complete without the greenery, though, and these are made special with fresh greens such as Leyland Cypress, Arborvitae, Carolina Sapphire, Pine and our favorite, Leatherleaf, perfect for a winter special day.

Earlier this year, we showcased these pieces, but as we remember springtime from earlier this season, we couldn’t resist bringing them to you again.

Tropical greenery is one of our favorite types of greenery, and these wedding pieces, designed by Val Foote of Sungrove Blossoms, a floral studio also based in New York, bring in a fresh feel for a springtime – or summertime – wedding or event.

Check out the fresh Leatherleaf, Monstera, Sword Fern, Sprengeri and more featured throughout these designs, used in innovative and fun ways like as a wall backdrop and to accent the cake… they really make you miss the spring!

If you’re looking for inspiration for summer weddings or events, don’t miss these.

At the beginning, we said we saved the best for last, and here, we make good on this promise with one of our favorites, saved for the end of the year! Take a look in the posts above — you’ll see why!

There must be something about New York that producers great floral designers, as over the summer, an absolutely stunning set of designs and photos were the results of this styled shoot by designer Ashley Kirnan of Tarry Grove, a wedding and event florist, also based in New York.

We love the ring, headpiece (“flower crown”) and bouquet, filled with bright, eye-catching blooms, surrounded by fresh greenery like Leatherleaf, Ruscus, Robellini, Monstera and even a few others in between.

Christmastime is always the best time of the year, as we say each season, and we love our wreaths and garlands, but every year, we also love seeing what our Albin’s Family members create with our fresh fall and winter greenery!

Bloom Field Floral and Garden, a florist and garden center in Canada, wowed us this season with their fresh fall and winter creations, including some beautiful wreaths, door swags, porch pots, containers and even pieces for floral design classes, too!

Shown above are one of their door swags and some of their porch pots (two products that were very high in demand this year) that are filled with fresh greenery for the season, including Magnolia, Carolina Sapphire, Leyland Cypress and much more, adorned with beautiful décor like that bow and those buckets.

Perfectly festive for the holiday season.

We’ve showcased a few of our favorite designs from the seasons here in this edition of the blog, and while it wasn’t for a “season,” there’s one more that caught our eye, and is officially Marketing Manager Abby’s favorite design of the year.


Brought to us from Flowerama of Springfield, a florist in Missouri, our flower sushi brings plenty of pretty flowers, plus some fresh greenery, to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. Flowers, such as Alstroemeria, Chrysanthemums and Snapdragons, make up the “filling,” while it is “rolled” with Aspidistra leaves and finished off with Tree Fern as a “garnish!”

(And they didn’t forget the chopsticks, either.)


As we wrap up another year, through this blog, it is our hope that you are inspired by the many designs that we love that are created by our Albin’s family, and can see that there’s many more ways to use our favorite greenery than just in a vase.

From all of us at Albin Hagstrom & Son, Happy New Year! See you in 2022. ?

(Are you part of our Albin’s Family? Post your florals to Instagram and follow us at @albinhagstrom_son for the chance to be featured in an upcoming edition of Friday Funday!)