Friday Funday – Sweet Designs for Sweetest Day

Today, October 22, is known as “Sweetest Day!”

Think it sounds delightful, but not quite sure what it means or what it is meant to celebrate? No problem.

In 1922, exactly 100 years ago, a group of candymakers in Cleveland, Ohio, had the idea of passing out boxes of candy from their companies to folks in their town, in an effort to make their days a little sweeter — literally and figuratively — with some candies they knew and loved.

In years following, the idea began to catch on beyond Cleveland, where it got attention on the national level, after being celebrated and promoted by celebrities and public figures.

This sweet celebration has continued for 100 years to this day on the third Saturday in October, and while some might think it’s too similar to Valentine’s Day or perhaps Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Sweetest Day is designed solely to make anyone’s day a little sweeter — no relationship required.

Nowadays, candy is a popular choice (after all, “sweetest” is in the name) but the holiday can be celebrated in any way that will make someone else’s day a little sweeter, whether with candy, a pick-me-up card, a thoughtful note, or perhaps one of our favorites ways to celebrate, with some beautiful flowers.

While it’s probably not a good idea to eat them as you would candy if you’re the lucky recipient of some fresh flowers today, flowers are a sweet way to put some joy into anyone’s day. Both on Sweetest Day, or any other day, celebrating occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, life occasions and other celebrations.

As always, if something involves flowers (and greenery, too), we’re always ready to celebrate. On Sweetest Day, sweeten up your day with these elegant and alluring designs! 💐

The word “sweet” is in their name, and we’re guessing these folks are ready to celebrate.

As mentioned in the post above, sometimes, some fresh floral is all you need, and the folks at Sweetly Gathered, a floral shop in Kentucky, have you covered if it is, with an array of vases and bouquets!

Some of our favorite flowers, such as Mums and Roses, are paired with some of our favorite greenery, including fronds of Leatherleaf, and stems of Eucalyptus, with plenty of fillers, for some sweet-looking designs.

Any of them would be the perfect way to make someone’s day on Sweetest Day!

Flowers: Roses, Mums, Hypercium, Goldenrod, Button Daisies, Poms
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Baby Blue Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Another sweet occasion to celebrate is an anniversary, and as with Sweetest Day, you can’t go wrong with celebrating with some beautiful flowers!

This bright and sweet design, filled with gemstone colors and shared with us by Flowers of Worth Avenue, a flower shop here in Florida, was a great way to celebrate one couple’s anniversary, filled with an assortment of flowers and greenery to make it sweet.

Flowers such as Roses, Zinnias and Lisianthus are nestled atop a bed of Variegated Pittosporum, Salal and a touch of Leatherleaf — but take a look in the vase for a special surprise — a leaf of Monstera!

Don’t miss the “greenery” on the top, with those stunning Bells of Ireland, to “top” it off.

Flowers: Roses, Zinnias, Listanthis, Stock, Ranunculus
Greenery: Bells of Ireland, and Variegated Pittosporum, Salal, Leatherleaf, Monstera

Not into bright colors, or looking for something stylish, sleek and fresh?

Check out these boxes, designed by LaToya of Rose Soiree, a florist shop and flower bar in Texas, that make light white flowers POP amongst the ribbon and greenery they are arranged with, for a sweet, stylish and fresh gift idea for someone special, or a total stranger!

White and green color palettes have been HOT 🔥 for weddings and events this year, and these boxes are no exception, filled with white Carnations, Mums and Baby’s Breath, with plenty of Israeli Ruscus and Leatherleaf for their greenery.

Pretty ribbon always makes a nice touch, and the black and white striped pieces included here are the perfect finishing touch.

Flowers: Carnations, Mums, Baby’s Breath
Greenery: Israeli Ruscus, Leatherleaf

On Sweetest Day, last but not least, how about some sweet flowers and greenery, designed and gifted in a truly sweet way? Check this one out.

How sweet of one of their jobs to send a vase full of fresh flowers to this newlywed couple on a special getaway, with flowers designed and delivered right to their room by Flowerbee, an Arizona florist.

Red Roses are always some of our favorites, especially when they are paired with lots of fresh greenery, such as Leatherleaf and Variegated Pittosporum. And, don’t forget the Lilies, too!

It may not have been Sweetest Day when they celebrated, but it’s a great example of the amazingness that a day like today can bring.

Flowers: Roses, Lilies
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Variegated Pittosporum


Happy Sweetest Day, everyone! What will you do to celebrate today? 🤔 Let us know in the comments below.

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