Friday Funday – Fun Fall Flowers

Today, October 7, is National Flower Day!

One of our favorites, of course, today’s celebration began on this day in 1986, when Senate Joint Resolution 159 was adopted and signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, officially designating the Red Rose as the official flower of the United States, as of October 7, 1986.

While today’s celebration is designed to honor the “national flower” of our country, another “National Flower Day” is also celebrated in the spring, started to commemorate when the first buds of the spring season begin to pop as winter fades away.

Don’t worry, though, we love them both just the same and would never give up a reason to celebrate.

We love Red Roses – both as they are one of the most popular choices for flowers out there – and they look spectacular arranged amongst stems of our favorite variety of greenery, our Leatherleaf – but we also are loving the crisp nights and cool mornings here in Florida that have come with the fall season so far, and here in this post, we are celebrating with some fun fall-themed floral designs!

If you’re looking for a touch of fall, look no further. Scroll to see a few more of our favorite fall designs from so far this season!

Even here in Florida, autumn has in fact entered the chat here for our seasons, and as we mentioned above, we’re loving it so far!

The colors of the autumn season are some of the brightest and the best, as seen in these designs by Flowerama of Springfield in Missouri, filled with plenty of bright blooms and beautiful greenery.

Fun flowers for fall, such as Sunflowers, Roses and Goldenrod, plus Variegated Pittosporum and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus spread throughout, are ready to go early in the season with these.

Flowers: Sunflowers, Daisies, Roses, Indigo, Goldenrod, Mums, Statice
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Bright colors for fall not your style, or you prefer to hold onto summer a little longer? No problem, this design has you covered this autumn.

Designed and shared with us by Central Square Florist in Massachusetts, this stunning saturated color palette brings something a little different to celebrate the fall, with a gorgeous recipe of flowers and greenery.

Check out a stunning mix of Dahlias, Proteas, Snapdragons and several other varieties of unique flowers, arranged with another two of our favorite varieties of greenery, Sword Fern and Tree Fern! Don’t miss the Ti Leaves arranged in the container to dress up the container, either.

Perfect for a bright day, in the fall, or any time of the year.

Flowers: Dahlia, Protea, Snapdragon, Astilbe, Calla Lilies
Greenery: Sword Fern and Tree Fern

Still not quite ready for summer to be over yet, and would love an easy way to keep it going just a little longer? Tropical greenery is for you!

A touch of greenery like Aralia, Eucalyptus or Sword Fern, as seen included in the design above, and included as an accent in this gorgeous table runner for a recent event, arranged by Cara Boshart of Flowers By Cara in Vermont, is a great way to bring in warm vibes to a cool season.

Tropicals, and pumpkins and apples (not just for pies, you know) make this design stand out, along with select flower stems, including Roses, Hydrangea and Oxford Blues, with fronds of Sword Fern to top it off atop a bed of colored moss, all come together for a great summer-inspired mix in the fall.

Flowers: Roses, Hydrangea, Oxford Blue
Greenery: Sword Fern

Last, but certainly not least in this week’s post, we couldn’t pass up the chance to showcase these two beautiful designs, perfect for the start of the fall.

Vibrant and full of artistry, this flower-filled pumpkin and vase, designed and shared by Wasserman’s Flowers and Gifts of Michigan, bring everything together for a beautiful fall touch.

Some common favorites, including favorites such as Daisies, Roses and Carnations, featured in the first design, plus some more exotic touches, including Protea and Coxcomb, rounding out the second design, are beautiful on their own, but are made even better with their greenery!

More of our favorite varieties are used here, from beautiful Leatherleaf in the pumpkin, to fresh Aspidistra and Variegated Pittosporum in the second, for great mixes of flowers and greenery to celebrate fall.

Flowers: Daisies, Roses, Carnations, Coxcomb, Protea, Peony, Statice, Hypercium, Mums
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Aspidistra, Variegated Pittosporum


Fall, we’re here and ready for you, and especially excited, as the arrival of the season means that our favorite time of the year is on the way — Christmastime! Before “The Best Time of the Year” officially begins one week from this Monday, check back next week for a few more fall designs here on the blog. 🙌

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