Friday Funday – It’s Fall, Y’all

Ahh, autumn. Welcome back, old friend.

Although it still may be almost 90 degrees outside here at Albin’s, as of September 22, fall has officially started here in Florida and around the country.

In Florida, we may not experience the leaves changing colors, or the temperature drastically changing as much as our friends in other places, but, as September turns into October, thanks to the many members of our Albin’s Family, we still get to experience the seasonal changes in floral designs!

While summer and fall flowers both incorporate plenty of yellow, orange and red, fall flowers generally are a little more subdued than their summer counterparts, fittingly appropriate as the weather begins to cool off and things tend to slow down before the bustle of the holiday season.

Plus, whether referring to the colors of the leaves on the trees, or the greenery used in floral design, “foliages” change as well. As summer events and celebrations finish up for the year, summer foliages, such as Monstera and Israeli Ruscus, become less popular, and fun fall options, such as Magnolia (available online starting next week) begin to fill designs of all kinds!

Whether they are warm and rustic, or bright and vibrant, every year, we love all of the designs from this time of year, and if what we have seen so far is a sign of more to come, we are fall-ing in love already!

Read below to see a few of our favorite designs from the first few days of fall so far this season — and get inspired for your autumn designs with fun fall flowers and greenery!

Need a pick-me-up to get into the autumn mood, now that fall has officially arrived? How about some flowers!

From the Viviano Flower Shop in Michigan, we agree that their “Stay Golden” design perfectly captures all of the gorgeous golden shades of fall, perfect to get into the autumn mood.

This basket is filled with awesome fall flowers, including Daisies, Roses and Carnations in several shades of fall colors, arranged atop a base of Leatherleaf and Salal greenery, topped off with touches of dried foliage.

Warm and fun, without the summer sun!

Flowers: Daisies, Roses, Carnations
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Salal Leaves

Elegant and festive for fall? This one has it all.

Designed by Amy Berg of Petals + Pine Floral Studio in Minnesota as part of their flower subscription service program, this rustic, fall-inspired vase brings a dose of fall cheer early in the season.

The beautiful Sunflowers, centric in the design and grown locally to their studio, plus a variety of additional fall-colored flowers, are arranged beautifully amongst stems of Seeded Eucalyptus, Dusty Miller and Curly Willow.

Even better? For fall, it’s just in time!

Flowers: Sunflowers, Roses, Daisies, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Dusty Miller
Greenery: Seeded Eucalyptus, Curly Willow (Call to Order) 

In the fall, or anytime of the year, sympathy designs are a great way to send condolences to those who have lost a loved one. While it isn’t typical for them to be loud and bright, they don’t have to be boring, though.

Sometimes, a great sympathy design is bright and cheery, and this one is a great example. Shared with us by Code De Lys Creations, a floral designer in Tennessee, this sympathy basket incorporates the fall vibes of colors such as yellow and red, with some unique and fresh greenery, for a memorial taking place at the end of summer, but not quite yet into the heart of fall.

Bright Sunflowers, Zinnias and Dahlias, locally grown in their area and arranged together with other wildflowers, plus an assortment of greenery, including Milky Way Aspidistra and Baby Blue Eucalyptus, recently made a beautiful tribute, filled with much cheer and love as summer turns into fall.

Flowers: Sunflowers, Zinnias, Dahlias, Carnations, Wildflowers
Greenery: Milky Way Aspidistra, Baby Blue Eucalyptus

Lastly, while the summer wedding season may slowly be ending, it’s always fun to bring the two seasons together, as seen in the sympathy basket above — oftentimes, it can lead to great designs, like this one!

From a state that gets quite a bit more of fall than Florida, check out these centerpieces, putting in some fall vibes to what was *technically* still a summer wedding, designed by Cara Boshart of Flowers by Cara, a wedding florist all the way in Vermont.

The flowers and greenery together, including Hydrangeas and Roses, reminiscent of summer, along with fall-inspired Mums and Ranunculus, paired with a fun summer-inspired greenery mix, and Sword Fern and Plumosus, make these extra-special, for a very special wedding day.

Not only to begin a lifetime of happiness and togetherness in their marriage, but a very beautiful fall season.

Flowers: Hydrangea, Chrysanthemums, Roses, Ranunculus + Others
Greenery: Sword Fern, Plumosus


It’s only the first [official] first week of fall — and we can’t wait for the rest, especially since it leads up to the best time of the year, kicking off in just a few weeks!

Join us throughout the season here on the blog for even more stunning fall designs. 🍂

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