Friday Funday – Lovely Lilies

How can a plant that starts as a soil-covered bulb turn into something so large and beautiful? When it comes to Lilies, the world may never know, but, we do know when it comes to Lilies, it takes a little magic, and beauty.

Similar to Tulips, the flowers from the Lily that we know and love begin from small, soil-covered bulbs that must be planted at specific times in order to receive the right amounts of cold, heat, moisture and light in order to grow, whether outside or in a climate-controlled greenhouse.

After a few months of special care, out emerges the first part of the plant above the soil, which will then grow into a strong plant with beautiful flowers for all to enjoy.

As mentioned in the excerpt, Lilies come in many different shapes and colors, from those raised to be cut for flower arrangements, to others that are to be left in pots to celebrate spring holidays, like Easter, and others that are raised and sold off before they bloom to be transplanted into a yard or garden.

Some varieties of Lilies come in an often bright, single color, such as yellow, orange or pink, while others bloom with beautiful designs of different colors, like the ubiquitous white and pink Stargazer Lily, and royal orange and brown Tiger Lily. Plus, don’t forget the plain white variety, in season and style all year long, for everyday designs and those made special for the holidays.

They are a very fun flower! Did you know…

Lilies are produced around the globe, with many varieties originating from Asia and Europe, but with much production found today in areas such South America, Central America and the U.S.

In the wild, with their large, often colorful petals with clusters of pollen atop their stamen, Lilies are known for attracting pollinators, such as honeybees and butterflies, that in turn, pollinate other flowers and crops.

While they are poisonous to cats, Lilies are one of the most popular vase flowers, used in countless retail designs, as not only are they widely available to florists everywhere, they also have a long vase life, are a great focal point flower and can be included in the design to open in front of the recipient’s eyes!

Lilies are one of the most versatile flowers, as they are available in numerous sizes and colors. They also pair amazingly with a variety of greenery, from everyday favorites to exotic delights.

It’s only natural that we love them, too, but if you’re not convinced yet, as summer gradually comes to an end take a look at the designs below, and see a few lovely Lily designs!

Small designs can make a big impression, and when they are packed with Lilies and other floral delights, it’s easy to see how they can!

A beautiful design from the Knapp Flower Shop in Texas, “Witchy Woman” is a delight to admire, and filled with plenty of pretty flowers — and greenery.

Stealing the show are the vibrant pink Rose, and elegant white Lily, surrounded by other favorite flowers and greenery, including Ranunculus and Stock, plus Leatherleaf and Variegated Aspidistra.

We think this *witchy* designs is *pretty* nice!

Flowers: White Lilies, Roses, Ranunculus, Stock, Wax Flowers
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Variegated Aspidistra, Salal

On the other hand, big designs can also make a big impression, and while we LOVE Lilies in white, we also LOVE Lilies with a pop of color, too, when they help it come to life.

As the caption emphasizes, “nothing says ‘I love you’ like a bunch of beautiful flowers,” and this vase, filled to the brim, is no exception here, designed by House of Flowers, a flower shop in Nebraska.

Check out all those colors! Bright pinks, oranges and reds are paired with green flowers, and greenery, to create a vibrant look in this vase, that includes several stunning Stargazer Lilies, plus Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Hydrangea and others.

We can’t forget the greenery, though, and this design also includes some fresh Bells of Ireland as “greenery,” along with Leatherleaf and Seeded Eucalyptus for much of the greenery.

Flowers: Stargazer Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, Hydrangea, Stock, Bells of Ireland
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Salal, Seeded Eucalyptus

Summer may officially be coming to an end next week with the first day of fall, but luckily, the color yellow stays in style for both seasons, so there’s still time left to admire this design!

Arranged by Kathy Bondar of Kathy’s 2nd Chance Plants of Wisconsin, a vibrant yellow Lilies take center stage in this eye-catching design, filled with plenty of yellow.

Yellow Lilies, plus their fellow yellow stems, including Roses and Daisies, come together with a few stems of filler, along with some greenery — where even the Variegated Pittosporum brings a “yellow” touch — to make a beautiful design that was sure to brighten the recipient’s day, literally!

Flowers: Yellow Lilies, Roses, Daisies
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum, Green Aspidistra, Lily Grass*

*Fitting for this design and our showcase this week, but not actually a variety of Lily!

Did you know that several “Lilies,” such as Peace Lilies and Calla Lilies, aren’t actually Lilies? Their names are similar due to similar appearances, but when it comes to plant taxonomy, they come from a different genus and species and are not actually related to the real Lily.

Finally, while the Lily makes a great focal flower, they also look outstanding when they aren’t the focal point of a design, but sometimes, that’s because it’s over-the-top, as is the case with this cool design!

In popular culture, normally the stock “delivers” a new baby boy or girl, but this time, he’s delivering a special bounty of flowers and greenery celebrating a new addition to the family, designed by the folks at Otown Flowers, and shared with us via Orlando Wholesale Florist here in Florida.

This special delivery, from the stork and to his “delivery” for the new parents to be, are made completely of flowers, grass and greenery, to include Chrysanthemums and Pampas Grass for the stock, and Roses, Stock and of course, Lilies for the delivery of flowers!

Not to be missed, the stork and his delivery also sit atop a bed of fresh Leatherleaf and Salal leaves, leaving a lasting impression for a celebration of the arrival of a new little one.

Flowers: White Lilies, Chrysanthemums, Roses, Wax Flowers
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Salal


Thanks for joining us for a showcase of lovely Lilies!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve enjoyed taking a look at, and sharing some trivia over some of our favorite flowers (and greenery) but next week, we’re excited to welcome in fall. Join us again next week as we share some great fall-inspired designs, leading up the beginning of Christmas at Albin’s! 🍂

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