Friday Funday – Luscious Leatherleaf

Whether you love it, or you think it should be left behind, Leatherleaf is still one of the most popular, if not the most popular, variety of greenery used within floral design.

While many who specialize in designing for exquisite weddings and other on-trend events incorporate many new varieties of greenery that have launched into style over the last few years, such as Eucalyptus and Ruscus, Leatherleaf Fern remains popular for smaller designs, such as vases and tabletop creations, layered pieces, such as sympathy sprays, along with perpetual varieties of grocery store bouquets.

Leatherleaf is loved not only for its large, lacey and leafy fronds, but also for its cost-effectiveness compared to other varieties of greenery, along with its versatility, to be able to be used in designs like those mentioned, above and really, just about anything.

It’s no secret that we love it here at Albin’s, and did you know that we are one of the largest producers of Leatherleaf Fern in the world? Along with our fellow producers here in town, our hometown of Pierson, Florida is known as the “Fern Capital of the World,” as with only a few other producers in the Pacific Northwest, along with a few smaller growers in Central America, the majority of fern-based greenery, including Leatherleaf, and other popular choices, like Plumosus and Sword Fern, is produced right here.

(Learn more about the Fern Capital of the World from our friends at the Floral Greens Farmers of Florida, the only organization in the U.S. solely dedicated to promoting the use of greenery and cut foliage.)

We enjoy seeing the creations of the customers that purchase direct from us, and seeing it appear in floral designs from florists, designers and floral enthusiasts everywhere — and even if you don’t know where your Leatherleaf comes from, chances are, it probably comes from right here in Pierson, from us, or one of our fellow fern-producing friends.

For those reasons, and many others, we love our Leatherleaf Fern, and hope that you do, too. Take a look at a few of our favorite Leatherleaf-centric designs from this summer below in this week’s blog!

What better colors to go with the deep green shades of our favorite fronds of Leatherleaf? Contrasting reds, pinks and magenta, not only for Valentine’s Day, but all year long.

Shared with us by Goff & Dittman Florists in Illinois, the many beautiful fronds of Leatherleaf found in this one help bring out some of our favorite colors found on these flowers, at any time of the year!

The Roses and Carnations pop out – literally – from the greenery, for a beautiful design, perfect for a special occasion, or just because!

(And, we spy some Tree Fern hanging out in there, too.)

Flowers: Roses, Carnations, Fillers
Greenery: Leatherleaf Fern, Tree Fern

As fall moves on in this month, the colors of the harvest, including yellows, oranges, reds, browns and others, pair outstandingly well with fronds of Leatherleaf, and if this one is a taste of the beauty to come this autumn, we’re more excited than ever!

Designed by the folks at Wasserman’s Flowers and Gifts in Michigan, this fall-inspired assortment is a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of September this month, with a fresh mix of flowers, and plenty of Leatherleaf, for all of the greenery it needs.

Two very fun fall flowers, Marigolds and Sunflowers, steal the show, surrounded by others such as dark Chrysanthemums and Lilies, for a stunning blend of fall colors, just right to kick off the season.

(Bonus: Scroll through the post above for more great designs from them!)

Flowers: Marigolds, Sunflowers, Hydrangea, Lilies, Chrysanthemums + Fillers
Greenery: Leatherleaf Fern

At the top, we mentioned that small designs, like vases and bouquets, aren’t the only types of designs where Leatherleaf is found, it also makes a great addition to various layered designs, such as sympathy sprays.

This one might be a little smaller than most, seen atop easels or caskets, especially with all the love and details found in this one, as the post notes, a sympathy floral arrangement can be the the perfect way to say, I’m here for you” to a loved one or family of a loved one, designed by Jill Stidham of Titus Creek Flower Farm, a flower grower and designer in Missouri.

Lots of fresh Leatherleaf provides the base of this unique piece, topped with Ranunculus, Lisianthus and Gladiolus flowers, with a beautiful poem in the frame, filled with love and condolences. 

Flowers: Ranunculus, Lisianthus, Gladiolus, Fillers
Greenery: Leatherleaf Fern

For our last design, we know that opinions can widely vary here, but, even with the array of other flowers and greenery available today, Leatherleaf still has a place in wedding florals, and when done well, it can provide a strikingly outstanding touch to bridal bouquets, centerpieces and other designs for a very special day.

If you don’t believe us, be sure to check this one out.

Designed by Leah Befus of Spera Floral, a wedding-only florist in Idaho, the pointy fronds of Leatherleaf are the perfect way to finish off this stunning bridal bouquet.

Newer trendy favorites such as Eucalyptus and natural greenery can work together with Leatherleaf for a beautiful design, no problem. Plus, we are LOVING the plain white and green color palette seen in so many wedding designs this summer, in those elegant white Zinnias, Carnations, Lisianthus and other flowers found inside it, along with the Leatherleaf, a touch of Eucalyptus, and natural greenery.

(Who says Leatherleaf has to be boring!?)

Flowers: Zinnia, Carnations, Lisianthus + Others
Greenery: Leatherleaf Fern, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Natural Greenery


We LOVE our Leatherleaf, and after seeing these designs, we hope you can see why — and even possibly agree!

Not convinced yet? No worries, there’s plenty more inspiring designs to come later on here on the blog. Be sure to tune in each week to see a few of our favorites! 🌿

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