Friday Funday – Last Whiff of Summer

As Florida residents, we can’t really say that it applies to us, but to most folks around the country, it’s said that Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer each year.

Summer always brings the season for some of our favorite greenery — from year-round favorites such as Pittosporum, Plumosus and Leatherleaf — to tropicals and ornamentals, like Monstera and Aralia — plus so many others out in all types and kinds of floral designs of all sizes.

Throughout the season here on the blog, we took a look at sets of outstanding designs for various themes of weddings (including traditional weddings, rustic weddings, modern weddings, tropical weddings, boho weddings and even greenery-filled weddings) and over the last few weeks, we have put the spotlight on some of our favorite summer and year-round flowers, including Daisies, Sunflowers and Peonies.

We loved all of those, but sometimes, there doesn’t need to be a special reason to celebrate the season, and this week’s edition of the blog aims to showcase some simple summer designs, perfect for an extra dose of warm and sunny cheer over the Labor Day weekend this year!

Here in Florida, it’s never too late to celebrate the summer, and even though it’s said to be ending, join us in taking a look at more sunny summer blooms in this week’s edition of our blog. 🌞

This one is only from a day or two ago, but when we saw it, we couldn’t resist including it with the rest of our late summer cheer!

Brought to us by Zena Florist, LLC, a floral design boutique in Pennsylvania, this vase brings together a fun assorted mix of greenery, plus vibrant summer blooms, ideal for some late summer cheer.

A multitude of colorful summer blooms, including the Sunflowers front and center, plus a few Roses, Goldenrod and other wild stems, are paired with a great mix of greenery, perfect for summertime or all year-round, to include Leatherleaf, Robellini, Salal and Variegated Pittosporum.

(And, they made a great suggestion for these, as the summer ends and school begins, consider celebrating the new school year with a great gift for a teacher!)

Flowers: Sunflowers, Roses, Goldenrod, Stock, Button Daisies + Others
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Robellini, Salal, Variegated Pittosporum

All things bright and sunny are perfect for the summertime, and what better way to celebrate than with some bright and fresh summer blooms!

Shared by the Ye Olde Daisy Shoppe, a flower shop in Arkansas, this little vase packs in a LOT of brightness and fun with the flowers and greenery inside, including Alstroemeria, Carnations, Zinnias and several others.

We can’t look away from this one for too long, as it brings more of two of our favorite types of greenery, Leatherleaf and Variegated Pittosporum, too.

Flowers: Alstroemeria, Carnations, Zinnia, Stock, Wax Flowers
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Variegated Pittosporum

Here at Albin’s, we love our everyday, year-round greenery, such as the varieties mentioned above, but as mentioned in the introduction of this post, summer brings plenty of exotic favorites out each year, and we can’t talk about summer designs without mentioning some of those!

Sometimes, it is the greenery that steals the show, and to us, of course that’s always okay, especially when it’s some of the tropical delights offered each summer, like what’s included in this design, shared with us by Kittelberger Florist in New York.

The Proteas look fabulous, but here, it’s the tropical greenery that we’re in love with, including Seeded Eucalyptus, Lily Grass and a Xanadu leaf to “bottom” it off.

It doesn’t need an introduction.

Flowers: Protea
Greenery: Seeded Eucalyptus, Lily Grass, Xanadu

Not only is summer the perfect time of the year for tropical greenery, it’s a great time of year for bright, tropical flowers, too, and to finish off this week’s set of designs, we have just that in store!

We LOVE all of these designs, by the floral folks at Sendik’s Market, a chain of food stores out of Wisconsin, but we especially love the first one featured in the post above from last month, perfect for a table at a summer get-together, to brighten up a room, or just because.

Check out almost all the colors of the rainbow in this one, red, yellow, green and blue, with flowers including more Protea, plus Roses, Orchids, Hydrangea and others, plus Sword Fern and Variegated Pittosporum, more summer favorites, for the greenery.

There’s more than one fabulous design in the post above, though, swipe through to see more fantastic summer inspiration from them!

Flowers: Protea, Roses, Orchids, Hydrangea, Stock, Billy Balls + Others
Greenery: Sword Fern, Variegated Pittosporum


As we take our “last whiff of summer” and enter the holiday weekend, we hope that everyone out there in our Albin’s Family has a safe, fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend.

While summer is ending, that doesn’t mean that the floral fun has to as well. Join us throughout the fall and into the Christmas season later this year here on the blog to see more great floral designs. 💐

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