Friday Funday – Pretty Peonies

They might look a little different than most varieties of flowers, but Peonies are always some of the most beautiful blooms to admire each summer.

Over the summer, the blooms that begin as tiny balls of petals atop tall stems in the spring blossom into some of the most unique flowers, popular for weddings, special bouquets and everyday designs, in countless shades of white, cream, magenta and pink.

If you’re familiar with flower production, you might know that many common flowers used in floral design come from tropical climates such as Colombia and Ecuador, or perhaps valley-filled regions of Europe, such as Germany and The Netherlands. Though, when it comes to Peony production, the frilly blooms are unique in more ways than their appearance alone.

Did you know that Alaska produces the most Peonies of anywhere in the world?

While many think of the state as a land of snow and ice, Alaska is the top producer of this week’s featured flower, and for some very fitting reasons.

In Alaska, for much of the year in the fall and winter, it’s dark out for 24 hours of the day, with perfect conditions for the snow and ice many know the state for. In the summertime, though, the state nickname, the “Land of the Midnight Sun” is earned, as during the summer, the sun never completely sets on some days.

These conditions aren’t for everyone, but when it comes to growing Peonies, there aren’t many other places with optimum conditions for these unique blooms.

As tubers, when they are planted in the fall, Peony bulbs need cool conditions to begin growing, similar to Lilies. When the sun begins to rise again in the early spring, and they begin to grow out of the soil, Peonies need sunlight to grow and bloom. Once the buds appear, direct sunlight is essential to complete their life cycle, and if they are planted in the fall to bloom for summer, Alaska has the perfect natural conditions needed.

Peony season is wrapping up here at the end of August, but we have loved seeing them appear in designs of all types and kinds throughout the summer this year. Join us in celebrating them and take a look at a few of our favorite Peony designs from this summer below. 🌸

(P.S. Peony farms are totally cool, and summer is the perfect time to visit. Take a look back at Erik’s trip to visit two of our favorite Peony growers, Alaska Perfect Peony and Scenic Place Peonies, in Alaska this week last summer!)

Sometimes, it’s the simple designs that look the best, and while it has a small list of ingredients, this one was a small touch that made a big impression.

Shared with us by FiftyFlowers, an online floral marketplace based out of Idaho, this simple chair marker made a big impression, with just some beautiful Peonies, plus some of our favorite greens!

Paired with fresh Leatherleaf, Sword Fern and Ming Fern, the Peonies add a perfect finishing touch for a special wedding day.

Flowers: Peonies
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Sword Fern, Ming Fern

For weddings and beyond, simplicity can be beautiful in other types of designs as well. Take a look at this one!

Designed by Ken’s Flower Shop in North Dakota earlier this summer, the elegant white Peonies steal the show in this tabletop piece, surrounded by beautiful greenery and berries.

Whether for a wedding, party, event or other special occasion, this cool and crisp design shows off the beauty of our favorite Peony, along with a variety of greenery.

(And did we mention, Peonies not only look fantastic, they also smell just as amazing!)

Flowers: Peonies, Hypercium Berries
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Lily Grass

We love them of all kinds, and loved the last two simple designs, but now, it’s time to move on to two from this summer that are a little more extravagant.

This design was previously featured on our social media, but love the flowers, greenery and inspiration so much that we are featuring it here on the blog as well, from designer Val Foote of Sungrove Blossoms Flowers and Events of New York.

An audio guest book using a rotary phone is a cool idea for a non-traditional guest “book” at a wedding, and here, it’s even cooler because it’s surrounded by so many flowers and greens!

Once again, the Peonies steal the show here in this design, in addition to the Lisianthus, Baby’s Breath and a few others. It’s made even better with the help of the greenery, though, including favorites such as Leatherleaf, Plumosus and Variegated Pittosporum.

Flowers: Peonies, Lisianthus, Button Daisies, Baby’s Breath + Others
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Plumosus, Variegated Pittosporum

Not planning a wedding in the near future? Don’t worry — beautiful Peonies look just as awesome in everyday designs, and we couldn’t finish out the week’s blog without showing you why.

Brought to us by Tiger Lily Florist in South Carolina, soft, pink Peonies once again take the starring role in this vase design, plus Wax Flowers and Stock, along with an assortment of more beautiful greenery, including Sword Fern and Israeli Ruscus.

The pink color of the Peonies contrasts stunningly with the light and dark green hues found on the greenery, and makes for a beautiful design overall.

And, as mentioned in their post above, don’t forget about the benefits of flowers, where they can provide a sense of calm, and help to reduce stress no matter the time of year.

Flowers: Peonies, Stock, Wax Flowers
Greenery: Sword Fern, Israeli Ruscus, Beargrass


Here in our final August post, we hope that you enjoyed a showcase of another fine summer flower this week! Be sure to tune in here on the blog for one last showcase of summer-inspired designs next week before the “unofficial end of summer” comes around after Labor Day. 🌞

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