Friday Funday – Stunning Sunflowers

Ahh, the beautiful, mighty and majestic Sunflower.

Maybe you’ve seen them driving by out in the countryside, or you or a neighbor have tried to grow them yourself to beautify the space near your homes. Perhaps you’ve even visited someone, who has a kitchen, bathroom or living room themed with a Sunflower motif, or received a bouquet of flowers with one of our favorite golden-yellow blooms.

No matter if you admire them while they grow, when they are cut, or perhaps just in photos or artwork, the beauty of the Sunflower is truly unique, and is one not to be missed when they come in season each summer.

While Sunflowers always bring some of the prettiest petals around, they aren’t praised for their beauty alone, however.

Did you know that Sunflowers are also used as an oil crop? Sunflower oil is becoming increasingly popular for use as a cooking oil, for frying, plus making butter and many snack foods.

Sunflowers are also the official state flower of Kansas, seen not only through the many valleys and hills found throughout the state, but also prominently at the top of their state flag and seal.

The Sunflower is also seen as a symbol of peace and nuclear neutrality, especially in Ukraine, where they were planted around the site after the Chernobyl disaster to aid in purifying the air and water nearby, as Sunflowers are a crop capable of soaking up toxicity from where they grow.

Plus, especially here in Florida, Sunflowers are also a popular agrotourism crop, where farms and ranches will plant rows of these bright blooms for “u-pick,” where visitors harvest and cut their own flowers, and are also popular spots for photography and festivals.

The beauty, symbolism and versatility of the Sunflower are unmatched, but as folks in the floral industry, here at Albin’s, we’re also quite partial to their use as cut flowers, beautifying countless designs created by florists all around throughout the summer and beyond.

Summer 2022 has brought some particularly beautiful designs featuring the festive Sunflower, and we’re excited to bring a showcase of some of our favorites to you in this week’s blog! 🌻

Here in Florida, there’s always plenty of sunshine year-round that helps produce some beautiful blooms, and especially so when it comes to Sunflowers, including right near Albin’s.

One of our local customers, designer Christina of Bloom Bar Florida, a local mobile flower cart, often includes some gorgeous, locally grown Sunflowers within her offerings! Sold at local farmer’s markets and through delivery, they offer both pre-made bouquets and vases of local blooms and greenery to anyone looking for a little love and connection through flowers.

We loved this lineup from earlier this summer, including Sunflowers, Lisianthus, Daisies and other locally-grown flowers, plus plenty of our favorite Leatherleaf Fern, from right here at Albin’s!

Flowers: Sunflowers, Lisianthus, Daisies, Zinnias, Coxcomb and Others
Greenery: Leatherleaf

Summer always brings some of the best one-of-a-kind designs of the whole year, and with famed blooms like the Sunflower, it’s not hard to believe.

Sometimes, it’s not just the flowers (and greenery) alone that make a design, a cute container can pull it all together, like this one from earlier this summer, by Marcho’s Florist and Greenhouses of Pennsylvania.

Centered around that bright Sunflower stealing the show, this one-of-a-kind design, brings us a Sunflower, surrounded by beautiful Dahlias and Daisies, plus a Rose and Hydrangea, with fun greenery, including Sword Fern, Foxtail, Ivy Leaves and Variegated Pittosporum.

(And how adorable is the little truck as its container!?)

Flowers: Sunflowers, Dahlias, Daisies, Roses, Hydrangea
Greenery: Sword Fern, Foxtail, Variegated Pittosporum, Ivy (Call to Order)

While the season lasts a little longer on the calendar, like all good things, summer must eventually come to an end for many when back to school comes around, but no one ever said you can’t bring a little of the summer into the new school year!

These vases by CJ Lilly and Company, a florist in Tennessee, designed for an extra dose of cheer for the back to school season at one of their local schools, are perfect for some summer-inspired cheer.

Sunny and bright Sunflowers are paired with Roses, Hydrangea and Solidago, plus a touch of Variegated Pittosporum to accentuate the yellow Sunflowers, of course, as their greenery.

What a “bright” way to start off the new school year!

Flowers: Sunflowers, Roses, Hydrangea, Solidago
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum

Maybe there’s not a special occasion or season to celebrate, maybe you’re in the market for an arrangement that’s just bright and fun.

Lastly, well, with the Sunflowers, this could be the one! Brought to us by Town and Country Floral, a floral shop in Texas earlier this summer, this box is bursting with beautiful blooms, plus a cool variety of summer-inspired greenery to pair with them for the perfect look.

Sunflowers, paired with Ranunculus, Zinnias, Mini Roses, Hydrangea and oh look, some fall-inspired Marigolds along with zany Sword Fern greenery to finish it off, make this one brighter than the sun!

(We’re going to need some SHADES 😎 if we admire it any longer.)

Flowers: Sunflowers, Ranunculus, Zinnias, Mini Roses, Hydrangea, Marigolds + Others
Greenery: Sword Fern


Bright and fun, we hope that this blog has reminded you that if you’re looking for a great way to bring in some summer fun at anytime of the year, the Sunflower could be the one you need. 🌻

Here at Albin’s, our summer fun isn’t over yet. Be sure to join us each week as we showcase another outstanding set of designs in our weekly post here on the blog.

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