Friday Funday – Beautiful Christmas Cheer

Cheers, it’s almost Christmas!

We love admiring the many ways that we see beautiful greens from us and our friends in the industry used throughout the holiday season.

This year, from wreaths and garlands, to special arrangements and floral designs, trends new and old plus other handmade decor, we have seen many that perfectly capture the Christmas spirit, no matter where you are.

As we’ve said before, Christmas designs can never be too festive, or too big or too small, and are the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer, whether for your own or the home or business of a loved one, for a special gathering or celebration, or just because.

Whether you skipped the pumpkin spice early on this year to head straight to the peppermint, or are still searching for the perfect gifts, while we wait for the big day to arrive, join us in admiring a few trendy designs from the season, and maybe a surprise or two, too, in the final edition of #FridayFunday before Christmas! ?

In our eyes, you can’t ever have enough Christmas cheer, but one of the new trends – and one of our favorites, too – this season are minimalist holiday designs, where just a few blooms and/or greens alone do, and this one is “pretty” festive!

Brought to you for inspiration by Hofland, a floral and décor wholesaler in Canada, this beautiful hoop-shaped decorative piece maximizes the minimalist trend with its colors and décor.

Check out that festive texture with the Green Leyland Cypress, plus dried blooms, pampas grass and red berries, that brings a perfect festive touch for pretty décor.

There’s no place like home for the holidays! These wreaths are pretty close to home, as they are made with love by the craftswomen here at Albin’s, given an extra touch of love, and then loved by others after they are sold right here in our local community.

Not only are these wreaths made with love, they have an extra touch of love added with the addition of extra touches like ornaments, ribbon, bows and dried lavender, shown above, by Christina Ashton of Bloom Bar Florida, a mobile flower cart and design studio here in Florida.

Our beautiful Leyland Cypress and Carolina Sapphire Wreath looks (and smells, too) even more outstanding with a natural touch, with an extra festive touch of love for the holidays and beyond.

Not into wreaths, or wondering what else is out there? No problem, how about a door swag!

Just like a snowflake, each and every door swag crafted for the holidays is always unique, and they’re always beautiful, too, such as this one, made and sold by Stevens & Son, a wholesale florist in Colorado.

Take a look at those traditional evergreens, paired with fresh Green Leyland Cypress and Blueberry Cedar with some red berries, too, that brought a festive touch to adorn the door it was placed upon.

(What more could your door need?)

Finally, we promised you a surprise, but you’ll have to wait until Christmas for the final surprise!

While “The 12 Days of Christmas” is a classic, timeless carol, we’re not exactly sure what most people would do with “seven swans a swimming” or “six geese a laying,” but our friends at Palmer Flowers, a florist also based in Colorado, have you covered with a unique take on the set of gifts from the song.

Earlier in December, their second day of Christmas brought two turtle doves (as decorations, of course) with a festive basket of greenery, including Italian Ruscus and Salal leaves, shown above. Other gifts from their days of Christmas included a “partridge” placed in a beautiful tree, nine “Lilies” dancing and four “calling” Birds of Paradise!

As of this writing, it’s only December 23, so follow them on social media to see what they bring us for the tenth, eleventh and twelfth days of Christmas this week.


We hope that you have enjoyed seeing some of our favorite holiday designs this season, and look forward to days of great holiday celebrations and a prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad and Joyeux Noel from Albin Hagstrom & Son ?

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