Friday Funday – Easy Valentine’s Day Designs

Smell that? ?

It’s February, and LOVE is officially in the air, as it’s officially Valentine’s Day season, and there’s less than two weeks to go before the big day.

This year’s Valentine’s Day season will be… a little different.

Despite all of the marketing that you can do, last minute orders will likely be very popular this year, as Valentine’s Day not only falls on a Monday, but is the day following the big game next Sunday. Amongst the pandemic, labor and product shortages still exist, but yet, demand is higher than ever, and many consumers are shopping on a budget.

Fortunately, per the National Retail Federation, spending by consumers on Valentine’s Day flowers is expected to reach over $2 billion in 2022, a record high.

If you’re a florist, designer, floral enthusiast or just looking to create something special for your sweetheart this year, time is running out, but thankfully, Valentine’s designs don’t have to be huge and extravagant to be the perfect showcase of love for significant others, family and special friends.

As you wrap up your planning and begin the actual rush of the season, on this week’s edition of #FridayFunday, check out a few cute and easy Valentine’s designs from members of our Albin’s Family. We know that you’ll “love” these! ?

Roses are perhaps the most ubiquitous Valentine’s Day flower around, but luckily, there’s plenty of ways to dress them up.

We love our greenery, and the Floral Greens Farmers of Florida here in the Sunshine State do too. Here, a mix of Salal, Cocculus and Variegated Pittosporum leaves make these Roses stand out, for the perfect sentiment of love.

If you’re looking for something easy and cost-effective to add to your Rose designs this Valentine’s season, look no further than greenery.

(And we have you covered. Order online by Thursday, February 10 at noon EST for delivery in time for Valentine’s Day!)

Feeling for more flowers than greens? That’s okay too, and with a little touch of LOVE, you can’t go wrong with cut flowers with a touch of greenery!

Designed by Arizona Florist in Arizona, we love the  “All My Love Bouquet.” The variety of flowers – including Gerbera Daisies, Roses, Lilies, Mini Carnations and fillers – accented by a touch of Salal leaves on the bottom for the perfect touch of greenery – is pretty sweet.

Valentine’s designs can be easy, and beautiful, too!

More ideas that are easy and beautiful, you ask? No problem, check this out, as only five ingredients were necessary to make it shine.

Designed by Floral Fate Design Co. here in Florida, this bud vase, filled with just three red Roses, a Monstera leaf, a few pieces of Lily Grass and a few stems of trendy Baby Blue Eucalyptus, topped off with a few shiny crystals that make it “shine” for Valentine’s Day!

Just three flowers and a few stems of greens in a cute vase, and it’s good to go.

Did you say you wanted to see another cute vase? This one has you covered, and while we love the vase, we love the greens and blooms it has inside, too!

Brought to us by the Knapp Flower Shop in Texas, only three ingredients are needed to make this one special, including the bright Magenta Roses, fresh Seeded Eucalyptus and wax flowers. Plus, have you ever seen a cuter vase?

Perfect for a best friend or to give to a special someone as a way to say, kiss me, please! Who couldn’t resist this beautiful design on Valentine’s Day.


February is in full swing, and as of today, Valentine’s Day is less than 10 days away! As one of the busiest times of the year comes around, florists, may the force be with you, and to everyone else, don’t forget to order your flowers for your sweethearts.

Visit us again next week to see more great ideas for Valentine’s Day! ?

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