Friday Funday – Red Rose Beauty

Since it’s *almost* February 14, we know that nearly all of the florists out there are pretty busy this weekend, and in this week’s edition of the blog, we’ll get straight to the point.

Today, when it comes to choosing the perfect set of flowers for a special person in their life, some prefer traditional, some prefer modern, and many like to go over-the-top.

There’s lots of options, but by far each year, the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day is the Rose, red of course. Not only is red basically the universal color of Valentine’s Day, the color red also symbolizes love and passion, and there’s no better way for all the sweethearts out there to show their love for their valentines than with an arrangement featuring iconic red Roses.

It might seem easy to get a dozen and put them in a vase, but as any designer will tell you, there’s much more to it. (Plus, the best designs always incorporate lots of greenery, of course.)

As new trends emerge and concepts such as “designer’s choice” become even more popular as time goes on, there’s lots more that can be done with red Roses in a vase than there used to be, and if you’re looking for some ideas to spice up your designs for Valentine’s Day this year, read on in this week’s edition of #FridayFunday! ?

(With a bonus, featuring a guide to the meaning behind red, and the other most popular colors of Roses, just in time for Valentine’s Day!)

This week’s showcase of designs starts off small, but just because this one is small doesn’t mean that it can’t leave a big impression.

Check out this innovative design with a dozen! Brought to us by Belle Fiori, a floral shop in Wisconsin, we LOVE the balance between blooms and greens here, featuring a dozen iconic red Roses with painted Aspidistra leaves, paired with a fresh Aralia leaf in the first design, and swipe right in the post above to see the second, that is a smaller version, with six blooms paired with an Aralia leaf and Israeli Ruscus.

Roses don’t have to be traditional to be beautiful, as shown here.

Today, you don’t even need a dozen of them to make a big impression, and if you’re looking for something other than flowers to fill the vase, look no further than some greenery.

For greenery, Eucalyptus is in right now when it comes to floral trends, and paired with a few other greens, it accents the red Roses in this design, by Bee’s Blossoms, a floral shop located in California.

The red of the Roses, paired with the soft blue-greenish color of the Silver Dollar and Baby Blue Eucalyptus, plus the deep green of the Salal and Leatherleaf towards the bottom, along with the filler flowers, make an excellent combination at Valentine’s Day and beyond.

If you’re into floral trends and you liked the design above, take a look at this one.

Trendy greenery isn’t limited to only Eucalyptus right now, Ruscus is very popular as well, and makes this design filled with fresh flowers and greens stand out. Designed by Flowers by Sarahlynne, a floral design studio in Indiana, it also shows us again that a whole dozen isn’t needed to make a design special and lovable.

Similar to the last design featured here, this vase features red Roses, paired with filler flowers, Italian Ruscus and Salal leaves. Simple — and beautiful. 

(If it comes with chocolates, as shown in another of their posts, that doesn’t hurt, either!)

On the flip side, if you think a dozen Roses in one design isn’t enough, you’re in luck. This one has plenty more to make a very lasting impression.

If you’re one of those over-the-top folks, Tiger Lily Florist in South Carolina has you covered, with this extravagant vase design, featuring a total of 50 red Roses, symbolizing immense love and passion. Fifty, for when a dozen just won’t do.

Great designs always include lots of greenery, too, and this one includes plenty of elegant Robellini palm and fresh stems of Israeli Ruscus to finish it off for a big gesture of LOVE.

BONUS: We mentioned that red Roses symbolize love and passion, but did you know that there’s symbolism behind other colors, too? Check out this neat set of infographics from our friends at Florists Supply in Canada to learn what they are!


Hang on, designers and florists, the end is almost near as Valentine’s Day is only three days away. We can’t wait to see everyone’s Valentine’s designs come together! Check back here on the blog next week for some of our favorites.

And if you forgot to order flowers for your Valentine this year — don’t forget to do so ASAP. ?

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