Friday Funday – Best of Valentine’s Day: Traditional

February 14 has officially come and gone, and for florists everywhere, this week has been one of the busiest weeks EVER. 

Over the last few days, we’ve heard that many of the designers and shops within our Albin’s Family experienced record numbers of orders and sales for Valentine’s Day this year, and that means more arrangements than ever were designed.

One of the things that we LOVE about the floral industry is all of the creativity that we see, year-round, but especially during the busy seasons, like Valentine’s week. As the industry and consumer desires and preferences change and evolve, so do the designs.

Here at Albin’s, we LOVE seeing modern elements and twists, like trendy color palettes, non-traditional greenery and new sizes and shapes, but at Valentine’s Day, we also love seeing all the traditional reds, pinks and whites, traditional greens like Leatherleaf and Salal, and the many vases and bouquets timelessly approved by Cupid himself for Valentine’s Day.

As we wrap up the Valentine’s season this year, on this week’s edition of the blog, check out just a few of our favorite traditional Valentine’s Day designs that we saw this year, and be sure to check back next week for a few of our non-traditional designs. You won’t be disappointed. ♥

Like we discussed in last week’s edition of the blog, Roses are perhaps the most popular flowers for Valentine’s Day, and there’s a lot you can do with them, but they also look beautiful on their own, paired with some greenery, of course.

This dozen looks outstanding, with leaves on the stems paired with Leatherleaf and some Baby’s Breath as filler, arranged by Marcho’s Florist and Greenhouses of Pennsylvania, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Roses are often left long-stemmed, but when cut short, they can still look outstanding in a cute vase, topped off with a hand-tied bow!

Looking for something that “pops” a little more than Roses alone? Gainan’s Midtown Florist in Montana has you covered, with these fine greens and firework blooms!

Red, white and…green? We love it. Paired with the Roses, the stars of this vase design are those Lilies, just “popping” like fireworks! Lots of greenery, including Leatherleaf, Baby Blue Eucalyptus and a touch of Israeli Ruscus, finishes off the show.

Plus the curly ribbon and heart picks? Heart-throbbing!

Not into red? For your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, they might be the most popular option, but plenty more options are available, from other blooms to other colors of Roses!

Each arranged by the folks at Bloom Field Floral and Garden in Canada, these mixes of white Roses and Lilies, plus stunning red Gerbera Daisies, paired with filler flowers, including Pom Poms and Baby’s Breath, and greens too, including Leatherleaf and Israeli Ruscus, come a variety of sizes that are perfect for a Valentine’s Day surprise.

(Be sure not to miss the cute vases and containers, either.)

On the other hand, if you’re looking to gift friends or family with a small arrangement for Valentine’s Day, it’s common to consider purple and pink, which can be just as beautiful as red.

Don’t believe us? Check out this cute design, crafted and shared by the Nashville Flower Market in Tennessee, in time for Valentine’s weekend this year.

Look at all those FLOWERS, including the magenta Snapdragon, light purple and white Daisies, pink and white Carnations, red Alstroemeria and one dusty pink Rose, finished off with Baby’s Breath as filler, with a few Salal leaves underneath.

We also love the concept of their “joy jars,” perfect for those looking for something small, shopping on a budget or looking to spread a little joy near or far.


Valentine’s has come and gone for this year, and we’ve loved seeing all of the beautiful designs that were created to celebrate. You saw traditional, but be sure to check back next week for a few of our favorite non-traditional Valentine’s designs! ♥

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