Friday Funday – Best of Valentine’s Day: Non-Traditional

Psst… Valentine’s Day 2023 is only 354 days away! (Yikes, right!?)

While it might not be time to start planning for the first busy day of the year for the 2023 season, Valentine’s Day 2022 was one of the busiest days with some of the highest demand that the floral industry, from growers and wholesalers, to designers and floral shops, has ever seen.

Exact numbers may not be in, yet, for sales and volume for Valentine’s Day 2022, but we know it was a big one, with more arrangements than ever created.

As mentioned in last week’s post, as demand grows, and consumer desires and preferences change and evolve, so do the floral designs.

When it comes to floral, many folks will say that Valentine’s Day is all about tradition – a bouquet of fresh red Roses, or perhaps a bunch of red, white or pink Carnations – but today, some of the designs that feature more modern twists – such as eccentric flowers, non-traditional color palettes and quirky shapes – were often top designs as well.

Officially wrapping up our Valentine’s season for this year, join us in admiring five (we couldn’t pick just four) of our favorite non-traditional Valentine’s Designs that we saw this year in this week’s edition of #FridayFunday! ❤

(Looking for some great traditional Valentine’s Designs? Visit last week’s edition of the blog, featuring beautiful red, white and pink filled designs!)

Let’s start it off small. Whether to be trendy, for personal preference, availability or budget reasons, today, it’s fairly popular to pick out flowers other than Roses, and this small design is an example of the beauty that other flowers can bring on Valentine’s Day.

Brought to us by Don’s Flowers, a flower shop in Michigan, this pink-a-licious jar vase is filled with a beautiful Gerbera Daisy in the spotlight, surrounded by soft Alstroemeria, Snapdragons and filler flowers, plus Salal leaves and two fresh fronds of Leatherleaf.

It looks good just as it is, but as the post notes, bright colors can be just as fun!

Bright colors, you say? This one brings them in “pretty” well, for Valentine’s and beyond.

Another take on a Gerbera Daisy as the star of the show, also surrounded by Alstroemeria and filler flowers, plus Roses and Carnations, this stunning design, from Tipton & Hurst, a florist in Arkansas, shows that Valentine’s designs don’t have to be traditional or large to be beautiful.

We can’t forget about the greenery with it, either, as the elegant Variegated Pittosporum that rounds it off on the bottom provides the perfect soft touch against those bright colors.

Here at Albin’s, we love tropical foliage and flowers all year long, but if you’re still not convinced that they are perfect for Valentine’s Day yet, maybe this one can change your mind.

Designed by Val Foote of Sungrove Blossoms in New York, we love this tropical-inspired design, filled with Oriental Lilies, Tulips, Peonies and Bird of Paradise, not to mention that it’s paired with the perfect tropical-inspired foliage, such as Variegated Pittosporum and Sword Fern.

(Plus, most of the flowers, and likely all of the greens, are American grown!)

Every year, Valentine’s Day follows the week of Groundhog Day, and whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not, it means that spring is coming soon, and as seen in the previous design and the one above, it’s never too early for spring!

Similar in type and kind to the previous design, this design by Kittelberger Florist, also in New York, is a beautiful way to say “I love you” to your Valentine!

It’s filled with an assortment of blooms, including Calla Lilies, Roses, Daisies and Snapdragons, plus a Hydrangea and Protea in the center, paired with plenty of greens, including Fancy Fern, Green Pittosporum and unique Milky Way Aspidistra.

It’s hard not to LOVE this one!

We love Roses and Carnations, but we love the unique blooms used today, too, and this design brings a touch of both together for a stunning arrangement.

Shared with us by the Oklahoma Flower Market, a wholesaler, the pink Protea steals the show, surrounded by matching Roses, wax flowers, woody branches and plenty of greens, including Salal leaves, fresh Israeli Ruscus, shaped Beargrass and flowy Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.

It’s made with heart, we know, and it even includes a heart for Valentine’s. Aww.


That’s all from us for Valentine’s Day this year! It definitely was a great one, and once again, it’s the magic in each of the special Valentine’s designs that makes the season truly special.

Last week, we took a look at some traditional designs, and this week, we admired some non-traditional designs as we wrap up the season.

Remember, there’s only 353 days until Valentine’s Day 2023! (JK.) ❤

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