Friday Funday – Let’s Talk Wedding Arches

Everywhere, it seems like there are so many couples getting engaged to be wed, or maybe they are engaged and also “engaged” in planning for their special day.

If it seems to you that there are more soon-to-be newlyweds than ever around, you’d be correct. As the effects of the pandemic begin to lessen, and love begins to bloom once again, it is estimated that over 2.6 million weddings will take place throughout 2022 in the U.S. alone, a record number of nuptials following a record number of cancellations, postponements and format changes.

Here on the blog, we talk a lot about trends in the floral industry, and while wedding season isn’t quite in full swing, yet, one of the hottest trends from last season, and so far heading into this season, are wedding arches.

Call them arches, or arbors, backdrops,accents, sprays or even chuppahs, wedding arches are becoming prominent symbols of modern weddings.

Valentine’s was the big occasion, but since the end of last year and throughout this year so far, we have seen some outstanding, gorgeous wedding arches, and couldn’t wait to share.

As you hear the wedding bells off in the distance, and begin to plan for the rush of wedding season coming up very soon, take a look at a few of our favorite wedding arches (and then some) in the first March edition of #FridayFunday! ?

Like each couple’s special day, each couple’s arch is unique, designed by their florist to accentuate the mood of their ceremony and often, the reception or afterparty as well.

Arches can be large or small, but they’re beautiful no matter what, like these small accents that adorn a rustic wooden backdrop for a recent special day, designed by Danielle of Hagstrom Greenery Co. here in Florida.

White Hydrangeas and Mini Roses pair outstandingly with the greenery mix used here, including Italian Ruscus, Salal leaves and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, perfect for a sunny special day.

Not to take anything away from our smaller example, alternatively, arches can be large, too, perfect for larger gatherings or outdoor settings that make a statement.

Check out this beautiful beachside arch, designed by Brooke Raulerson of Revelation Design, also here in Florida, with a stunning color palette.

It used to not be a thing, at all, to have neutral-tinted flowers at a wedding, but today, it’s wildly popular. When put together with some greenery to jazz it up, such as the fresh Cocculus leaves in this one, paired with those blush-tinted Roses, this arch looks beautiful.

Here, there are some flowers making a cameo on the sides, but as we’ve heard recently, for many weddings, greenery is the new flower. And we’re loving that.

Some designs are perfect without any (or many) flowers at all, like these pieces, designed by Olivia Schoen of Radiant Floral in Wisconsin.

Modern florals can go beautifully in a rustic venue, showing that greenery can be the flower, such as the plain Italian Ruscus on the pulpit and mantle, with the assorted greenery, including more Italian Ruscus, Nagi and a touch of Plumosus in the standing vases.

Lastly, here’s a designer that must love arches as much as we do, as she completed quite a few of them last year, and proudly showed them off a few weeks ago!

Designer Ashley Kirnan of Tarry Grove, a wedding and event floral company in New York, has arches of all kinds of shapes and sizes, including a hexagon, abstract points, square, rounded, traditional archways and more, showcased above.

Each of them are unique, just like the couples who enjoyed them on their special days, and include mixes of fresh and dried florals, plus various mixes of greenery, from winter greens, to year-round favorites such as Italian Ruscus, Salal, Smilax, Eucalyptus and other trendy choices.

And they’re beautiful.

BONUS: How about…a wedding wreath? Yup, those are a thing, and we can do that* too. Check out this cool sample shared by FiftyFlowers, a floral distributor based out of Idaho, filled with fresh Eucalyptus and Ruscus.

(*Available from us by special order only, give us a call for more info.)


If these are only a few examples of what’s in store for wedding florals this year, we can’t wait for wedding season to get here!

As the year goes on, be on the lookout for more outstanding wedding designs very soon. ?

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