Friday Funday – Just Because

(NOTE: As holidays become farther in between, and weddings come into season this summer, over the last few weeks on the blog, we’ve looked at designs that represent a few of our favorites so far from 2022, each focused around an everyday occasion. Here is the final edition!)

If you ask anyone in the floral community when the best time is to celebrate with flowers, they’ll likely tell you that there’s never a bad time, and here at Albin’s, we agree!

With the endless possibilities of designs, color combinations, textures, containers and themes out there for spectacular floral designs today, there’s some out there for every occasion, and even if there’s not a special occasion, just because.

There doesn’t have to be a holiday, or a birthday, wedding or anniversary to enjoy some beautiful blooms, only the desire to bring a smile to someone’s face!

Know someone feeling under the weather? Spread some joy and well wishes with flowers!

Celebrating something special, like love, friendship or adoration across the miles? Consider a fresh floral design.

Want to send some thanks, encouragement, cheer or any other happy sentiment? Flowers are the perfect thing to use.

Plus, when you’re looking to make someone smile, you can even go the extra mile with their arrangement, and incorporate the recipient’s favorite colors or flowers, specific flowers with meanings behind them (Roses for love, for example) and extra embellishing touches, such as candies, stuffed animals and decorations.

To wrap up our series of designs for everyday occasions here on the blog, join us in admiring some of our favorite “just because” designs on this #FridayFunday! 💐

Missing the spring? Fresh flowers are the perfect way to bring in the springtime at anytime of the year, like this design!

Designed and shared with us by Scent & Violet, a flower shop in Texas, this edition of their saga of spring flowers from earlier this year brings a beautiful assortment of blooms and greens together for a fresh touch of springtime.

The flowers, such as a Hydrangea, Roses, Calla Lilies and a Hyacinth peeking out on top, plus the greenery, including plenty of Salal leaves, Seeded Eucalyptus and touches of Leatherleaf and Variegated Pittosporum, are a great way to celebrate the spring, just because.

Flowers: Roses, Calla Lilies, Mums, Hyacinth, Peony, Hydrangea
Greenery: Salal Leaves, Seeded Eucalyptus, Leatherleaf, Variegated Pittosporum

While here in Florida, we may grow tired of the summertime heat quite quickly some days, but with designs like this one nowadays, it’s hard to grow tired of summer flowers!

No need for a special occasion! Brought to us by designers Cody and Irma Fountain of Fountain Designs, an event florist and floral studio, also located in Texas, we can’t get enough of this stunning arrangement of summer flowers.

There’s so many bright blooms inside, just in time for the start of summer, like Roses, Lilies, Hypercium berries and fresh summer-inspired Peonies, placed on top of an underlayer of fresh Leatherleaf. So much to love in this one!

Flowers: Daisies, Stock, Roses, Calla Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Peonies, Wax Flowers, Hypercium
Greenery: Leatherleaf

Have you or someone you know lost their guardian angel? These folks found it, and he or she comes with a perfect display of floral awesomeness!

Happily found and shared with us, by Fridas Studio Floral Design, a full-service flower studio in Arizona, this guardian angel includes several kinds of floral beauty, including some royal red flowers, like Carnations, Tulips, Roses and Alstroemeria, a variety of wildflowers, and plenty of greenery, including Variegated Pittosporum and Italian Ruscus. 

Plus, with the adorable container, after your flowers have gone on, your guardian angel can be refilled with something special, or more fresh blooms and greens throughout the year!

Flowers: Carnations, Tulips, Roses, Alstroemeria, Goldenrod, Wildflowers
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum, Italian Ruscus 

Designs today definitely don’t “succ,” or rather, maybe they do, when it comes to one of the latest floral trends: succulents.

Earlier this year, we loved this cute little design, brought to us by designer Brenda of Flowers by LD, a florist out of Idaho, featuring a natural-inspired palette of flowers, a beautiful succulent, and of course, our favorite green, too!

The large succulent prominently featured on the front steals the show in this arrangement, but we can’t look past the fresh Protea, fringed Roses, tiny and soft Billy Balls, and all of the Leatherleaf either. Oh, and of course, check out the container that follows the natural theme in hollowed out wood, perfect for this amazing design.

Flowers: Roses, Protea, Billy Balls, Wildflowers + Succulent
Greenery: Leatherleaf


Remember, even without a holiday or special occasion, there’s still plenty of ways to celebrate and admire some beautiful flowers and floral designs, just because.

While this is the last edition of our series over floral designs for everyday occasions, be sure to visit the blog each week to see more great designs, for proms, sympathy, new baby, birthdays, just because and many more occasions and seasons! 💐

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