Friday Funday – LeatherLOVE

Here at Albin’s, we have prided ourselves on bringing you “The Best Cut Foliage Around” since our company was founded in 1928.

Our original product was Plumosa Fern, more commonly known as “Plumosus,” that was grown in the Pierson area, packed and shipped via truck and rail to customers near and far. Today, Plumosus is still pretty popular, but there’s another fern that’s perhaps the most famous in the town known as “The Fern Capital of the World”: Leatherleaf.

In floral, trends are always coming and going, as the wants and needs of those who enjoy what florists and designers everywhere create, but for nearly 100 years, from simple bouquets, to flowing sprays and special designs, the love for Leatherleaf has always been there.

There’s no need for a special occasion to celebrate with flowers, sometimes they’re great just because! For today’s #FridayFunday, let’s show the art of using Leatherleaf some LeatherLOVE and admire some designs where our most famous fern steals the show. ?

No need for a special occasion, there’s nothing like a reminder that their life is sweeter with you in it from someone you love! We might be a little biased, but flowers and greenery are the best way to remind this to someone special.

This design, from Gainan’s Flowers in Montana, is pretty sweet itself, with bright Roses and Lilies surrounded by an array of grass and curls, Eucalyptus and Ruscus, plus our favorite Leatherleaf, of course.

Perfect to spoil someone sweet in your life!

From birthdays and anniversaries, to weddings and events, flowers and greenery are also there for the special occasions in life.

Any wedding is definitely special, and this amazing design by Nicole Tan of Hiraya Flowers in Tennessee takes details and beauty to the next level with Roses and Carnations amongst a beautiful spray of greenery, including Leatherleaf, Salal leaves and Italian Ruscus.

(We bet it made for a special ceremony and some great photos and memories to cherish forever.)

Special occasion or just because, flowers make people happy, and there’s nothing like a bouquet of cheerful flowers and greenery to make someone’s day!

These bright, sunny Sunflowers and Carnations, paired with some fresh Leatherleaf, arranged by Flowers by Ray and Sharon of Michigan, are the perfect pick-me-up.

Check out the fun flower facts in the post, too!

Yup, this bunch is ready to brighten your day!

Whether you can’t wait for winter, are missing spring or are still soaking up the summer, fall has arrived, and it brings plenty of autumn blooms that are perfect for any occasion.

Jill Stidham of Titus Creek Flower Farm in Missouri takes beautiful blooms from her own farm and others and creates beautiful designs. This variety of flowers, including Daisies and Mums with those Roses peeking out too, is perfectly accented by vibrant, green Leatherleaf.


For special occasions or only the goal of making someone smile, flowers and greenery are awesome, just because. Check back next week to see more of our recent favorite designs!

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