Friday Funday – Weddings Galore This Season

Now that we’re in October, the weather begins to cool and the crisp fall air starts to move in against the moist summer breeze, and between the last of summer and the arrival of fall, there’s plenty of beautifully inspired blooms and designs to go around.

As mentioned before on the blog, it’s said that September and October are the most popular months for weddings each year, and although the seasons are changing and trends constantly evolve, the creativity within the floral industry only gets even better to make the special days of couples all around the world even more special.

If you ask some of our favorite floral designers, wedding designs are often challenging, but they are some of the most rewarding tasks and clients out there.

From bouquets and backdrops, to centerpieces and other special designs, at Albin’s, we love seeing the artistry and creativity that go into wedding designs each season. On this October #FridayFunday, let’s take a look at more outstanding wedding designs! We promise you won’t be disappointed. ?

If these designs were only the beginning of what’s to come for the season, it’s going to be really hard for the others that come later on to top these.

As Designer Val Foote, pictured here with some of her amazing work, of Sungrove Blossoms in New York said at the start of September, the next few weeks are the beginning of the much busier “second act” of wedding season!

We really love these first two designs.

Check out that stunning “chandelier” hanging design, with plenty of fresh Monstera leaves, Sprengeri, Sword Fern, Cocculus and Robellini. Can’t forget those adorable vases and matching bouquet, filled with fresh summer and fall inspired blooms, plus assortments of greens, including more Sprengeri, Sword Fern and Robellini to top them off.

We may be a little biased, but the magic really is in the greenery sometimes, and here is a fine example.

Arranged by designer Rachel Clothier of Goff & Dittman Florists in Illinois, this beautiful, fresh Plumosus and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Garland brings the magic to compliment the forest vibes of this couple’s special day as it sits on the table.

The small sprigs of greenery on the plates help the greenery make this reception even more magical, what a great quick and cost-effective idea!


More greens than you know what to do with? No problem!

Designer Olivia Schoen of Radiant Floral in Wisconsin has some great ideas, including some beautiful arrangements large and small for the top of a sign greeting guests, small pieces to accent tables and chairs, and a cascading design that incorporates part of a garland and some decorative pieces.

Filled with plenty of fresh Eucalyptus, Salal leaves and Italian Ruscus with filler flowers and greens, in addition to the Israeli Ruscus Garland, these designs are the perfect addition to this couple’s special day.

The magic really is in the greenery, and can make a couple’s ceremonial exit down the stairs and photos with family members and the bridal party definitely ones to remember. If you don’t believe us, check out this example!

Aside from the bride and company, plenty of fresh Eucalyptus and Plumosus are the stars of the show within these entryway and bouquet designs along with the orange and pastel Roses, along with some Italian Ruscus and Salal leaves, too, designed by Laura Fernandes of Fern Floral Design in New York.

These designs surely made this special day one to remember.


Now that we’re in October, it’s the home stretch for florists this wedding season, but we can’t wait to see even more magic before it’s over. Check back next week to see more of our favorite recent designs.

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