Friday Funday – Modern Wedding Favorites

Per Encyclopedia Britannica, the first recorded evidence of a wedding, or “marriage ceremony” took place in Ancient Mesopotamia in approximately 2350 B.C. — or around 4,000 years ago.

Back then, marriage was not a legal or religious affair, but rather, marriage ceremonies were performed in order to designate that a woman belonged to a man, to officially decree that any of her children were then his biological heirs, or his family. Later, towards the 1600s, marriage became a religious right of passage, and even later on, in the 1800 and 1900s, a legal designation as national and state governments began to form.

In the last few hundred years, marriage also began to become more of a ceremonial ritual vs. only a designation of who is related to whom, when vows began to be performed with clergy in churches and related settings, family members began attending the ceremonies, and afterwards, celebrations were had, filled with food and fellowship, leading up to what many of us are familiar with for weddings today.

Since those days, millions of marriage ceremonies, or weddings, have taken place, and as with many types of flowers, no two are usually exactly alike.

Whether a couple keeps their special day small, or goes all out with pizazz, classic and rustic themes such as ceremonies in barns or meadows, along with old-fashioned traditions such as first dances and bountiful bridal bouquets, will always be in style.

However, today, from floral designs, to décor of all types and kinds, there are plenty of ways to put a modern twist on the tradition of a wedding day, and this week, we are showcasing a few of our favorite modern wedding designs from so far this year! Read below to see them — and be sure to join us each week in July to see more of our wedding favorites. ❤

For a wedding, whether the ceremony takes place in a traditional setting, such as a church or chapel, or elsewhere, such as a museum or country club, here’s a way to make the entrance!

Shared with us by Hofland, a floral wholesaler in Canada, these beautiful door decorations, made from fresh blooms and greens paired with the signage, bring a touch of modern charm to a rustic building.

Plenty of Cocculus leaves, plus Eucalyptus and Italian Ruscus with the soft Roses and Peonies make this fresh, modern style decor pop.

Flowers: Roses, Peonies
Greenery: Cocculus, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus, Leatherleaf

There’s no better way to remember the beautiful flowers from, and all the fun of your special day than with photos with the bridal party and family members before or after the ceremony!

This beautiful bride and her entourage of bridesmaids look fabulous on her wedding day with their beautiful bouquets, designed by Ashley Kirnan of Tarry Grove, a floral design studio in New York.

Their bouquets are filled with plenty of our favorite flowers and greenery, such as Anemones and Ranunculus, plus fresh Leatherleaf, crisp Nagi, airy Sprengeri and plenty of natural greenery.

We can’t help but notice the color scheme, either! Many modern weddings today use non-traditional color palettes of white and green vs. bright colors or hues of various shades of a single color. The bride’s bouquet brings a traditional twist, with a touch of vibrant magenta and soft pink, within the modern color palette.

Flowers: Anemones, Roses, Ranunculus
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Nagi, Sprengeri + Natural Greenery

Time for the reception! They say that sometimes, the container or decor within a design brings the show, but in this modern-style design, they are both just as beautiful.

Designed by Kate Truchel of Flower Box by Kate, a florist in New Jersey, the vase, blooms and greens of this tall centerpiece brought a touch of elegance to a banquet hall reception earlier this year.

There’s nothing cooler than a towering tall centerpiece atop each table at a reception, and this one is filled with flowers such as Chrysanthemums, Lisianthus and Alstroemeria, plus Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, and topped off with fresh, flowy Plumosus.

As mentioned in the post above, it’s a great way to wow your guests!

Flowers: Chrysanthemums, Lisianthus, Alstroemeria, Baby’s Breath
Greenery: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Plumosus

Modern style weddings can incorporate elements of traditional style events, and be just as amazing with all of the ways to achieve the perfect look.

This wedding setup of a beautiful backdrop, chair markers, centerpieces and of course, a bridal bouquet, designed and arranged by Monroe Florist of Michigan, brings a modern touch to an indoor-outdoor event at a local country club. 

Again, here we see a mainly white and green, with touches of pink within, color palette, with some fun florals and greenery, such as Roses and Hydrangeas in the decor, Calla Lilies in the bouquet, and even some vibrant dried Leyland Cypress!

If this couple was going for a rustically-modern look, we hope that they were as impressed as we are.

Flowers: Roses, Hydrangea, Calla Lily, Stock
Greenery: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Leyland Cypress (Dried)


Millions of weddings have taken place across thousands of years, and from traditional to modern, we will always enjoy looking at the beautiful floral designs they bring.

Visit the blog again next week for another great set of wedding designs, centered around another popular theme for special wedding days! 🤍

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