Friday Funday – Oh Baby

(NOTE: As holidays become farther in between and weddings come into season this summer, over the next few weeks on the blog, we’ll take a look at a set of designs that represent a few of our favorites so far from 2022, each focused around an everyday occasion.)

For many parents, there’s no happier day than the one that their child(ren) are born, and while the days right before and after can be hectic, they are some of the most treasured in the lives of the brand new parents.

Before the baby is born, often, folks close to the mom-to-be will host a shower for the new parents, bringing together family, friends and loved ones for a celebration in honor of the mom-to-be and the future child. After the baby is born, there’s many great moments, including more celebrations, religious observances and traditions honoring the child, and tender moments where family members meet the little one for the first time.

Every families’ experience is different, depending upon the needs of the child and the wishes of the parents, but if you can’t make it to celebrate, want to send well-wishes across the miles, or are just looking to send a little love to the (probably exhausted) parents, flowers are always a great choice, and an easy, non-intrusive way to spread some cheer.

Like the many other occasions where flowers are a popular way to celebrate, designs to celebrate a new baby can be customized in so many unique ways, whether with traditional pinks and blues, vase or spray, or even mom’s (or dad’s) favorite colors or flowers!

It’s never a bad time to celebrate the birth of little ones, and as we enter June, join us in admiring some of our favorite designs celebrating the joy of a new baby from this year! 👪

Need inspiration for a design celebrating the arrival of a baby girl, with plenty of pink? Here’s the one for you.

Designed by Caroline Shook of Poppy Garden & Floral Design of South Carolina, this splendid vase pairs some lush pink and white blooms, such as Roses and Ranunculus, with an assortment of greenery, such as beautiful Variegated Pittosporum, throughout, to create something special to welcome the baby girl.

All put together, whether for the shower or for the days after the baby girl arrives, it’s special.

Flowers: Roses, Ranunculus, Stock, Wax Flowers + Others
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus

Need some ideas for something special to celebrate the arrival of a baby boy, filled with baby blue? Check this one out.

Shared with us by the Knapp Flower Shop in Texas, there’s lots to love about this special design, filled with flowers and much more! Not only is there a beautiful flower arrangement included, the stuffed bear would make a great gift for the little one, and we’re pretty sure that mom would love some of those delicious chocolates, too.

Within the flowers, the soft blue Hydrangeas and deep blue Oxford Blues, paired with white Roses and Tulips, plus soft Baby Blue Eucalyptus and crisp Salal leaves, make a beautiful arrangement to admire after welcoming in a baby boy.

Flowers: Hydrangeas, Oxford Blue, Roses, Tulips
Greenery: Baby Blue Eucalyptus, Salal Leaves

Twins!? Maybe you need both pink and blue, or just can’t decide which of the two are your favorite: these designs have you covered.

Welcome in the baby boy, baby girl or both with these tiny treasures, in your choice of pink or blue, filled with festive, accompanying flowers paired with a touch of Leatherleaf and Seeded Eucalyptus to celebrate the new arrival, brought to us by Kittelberger Florist in New York.

For the baby boy, the blue bear pairs yellow and white blooms together exceptionally well with the blue (as a florist will tell you, naturally blue flowers are often hard to source) while the pink bear holds flowers in a variety of shades of pink, perfect for the baby girl.

Beautiful vases, and beautiful flowers to welcome in one of life’s most beautiful gifts.

Flowers: Gerbera Daisies, Roses, Mini Carnations, Alstroemeria
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Seeded Eucalyptus

Switching gears just a bit, we’ve seen a few designs that make great gift ideas, but we couldn’t spotlight designs celebrating the arrival of a baby without including these special designs.

Today, they say for weddings, greenery is the new flower, but for this baby shower, we’d say the same thing. Check out the awesomeness of these amazing greenery-centric arrangements to welcome in a baby boy with a safari-themed celebration!

Designed and shared with us by Katarzyna “Kate” Truchel of Flower Box by Kate in New Jersey, these designs, crafted entirely of fresh greenery for a special backdrop, along with matching centerpieces (not shown in the photos above, but check out their Instagram page for another post for photos of them) made a perfect “welcome to jungle” for a new little one!

Made entirely of fresh greenery, such as our favorite Leatherleaf and Sword Fern, plus some tropical touches, such as Palmetto Fans and Monstera, we’re loving this adventure.

Greenery is the new flower, you know.

Flowers: None!
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Monstera, Sword Fern, Robellini Leaves, Palmetto Fans (Special Order)


When a new little one arrives, it’s a special occasion, but it can be a busy time. There’s never a bad time to celebrate with flowers, though, before or after the baby is born. Visit the blog again next week to see more inspiration for another great special occasion! 🍼

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