Friday Funday – In Remembrance

(NOTE: As holidays become farther in between and weddings come into season this summer, over the next few weeks on the blog, we’ll take a look at a set of designs that represent a few of our favorites so far from 2022, each focused around an everyday occasion.)

Here in the United States, annually, the last Monday in May is designated as Memorial Day, a day set aside as an official government holiday to remember our fallen servicemen and women, who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend our freedom through military service.

When a life is lost, for any reason, it’s often customary for family, friends and loved ones of the deceased to send floral arrangements, both to those who were close to them for their homes or offices, and to the funeral service or memorial event for display.

Sympathy designs come in a variety of forms. Often, a flat spray is ordered to place upon the top of the casket for traditional services and burials. Designs in the shape of hearts and crosses are made and displayed on easels at memorials, and many smaller, more traditional vase-type designs are sent to family and loved ones following the death.

Similar to other types of designs, while they typically include soft colors and subdued greenery and flowers, sympathy designs are often constructed floral trends, plus favorite colors and flowers of the deceased as well, in addition to heartfelt messages and sometimes, trinkets and mementos, and therefore there is lots of variety found within them.

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, set aside as a time of remembrance and fondness, take a look at a few of our favorite sympathy designs that we have seen this year below. 🌿

As mentioned above, for the service or memorial, large sprays displayed on easels are common, often designed with favorite colors or flowers of the deceased in mind.

Traditionally, shapes of sprays include hearts, ovals and crosses, such as the regal design of this cross-shaped spray, shared with us by Marcho’s Florist and Greenhouses of Pennsylvania.

In remembrance of a special woman, crisp white Carnations arranged in the shape of a cross sit atop fresh Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, topped off with large red Roses, white Snapdragons, fresh Italian Ruscus and topped off with a few mini Roses to finish.

What a beautiful example of a more traditional sympathy spray.

Flowers: Carnations, Mini/Large Roses, Snapdragons
Greenery: Italian Ruscus

Looking for something a little less traditional when it comes to a sympathy spray?

On the other side of the spectrum, designed by Wildflowers Florist of New Jersey, this cheery and bright cross for a church memorial service is some great inspiration for a less traditional sympathy design, filled with flowers of all different colors.

Vibrant Sunflowers, Roses, Bluebonnets and more are artfully arranged with a backing of Ti Leaves atop a bamboo cross on the easel, making a non-traditional, but absolutely beautiful, display of condolences.

(For a bonus, swipe through the post above to see a few more of their designs!)

Flowers: Sunflowers, Roses, Carnations, Bluebonnets, Oxford Blue
Greenery: Ti Leaves

Amongst shortages of fresh and hardgood products, plus the evolution of trends in the floral industry, it’s not uncommon for sympathy sprays to take a different look today, but they all are just as heartfelt and special as they always were, often with a twist.

With the patriotism that will come this weekend, we can’t help but love this tabletop sympathy spray for a special celebration of life, designed by the Bosque Flower Studio in New Mexico.

Red, white and blue look magnificent together with the red Roses, white Lilies and Periwinkles and the assortment of blue blooms, not to forget a great mix of greenery, including Leatherleaf, Baby Blue Eucalyptus and Israeli Ruscus.

Flowers: Roses, Lilies, Perwinkles, Oxford Blue + Others
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Baby Blue Eucalyptus, Israeli Ruscus

In certain cases, cremation takes place prior to a memorial or funeral, where there isn’t a casket spray, but still an opportunity for a special floral design as a highlight. 

Designed by Brooke Raulerson of Revelation Design here in Florida, this urn surround design for a celebration of life provides a beautiful way to honor someone special in a different way.

It’s filled with a variety of fresh greenery, including Italian Pittosporum, Sword Fern and Monstera leaves, plus elegant blooms of Orchids and Roses, for a special final display of love.

Flowers: Phalaenopsis Orchids, Roses, Stock, Hydrangea
Greenery: Sword Fern, Monstera, Italian Pittosporum


Floral arrangements are a special way to provide care and condolences for a life that was well lived and their loved ones, and we hope that these designs can serve as great inspiration for comfort and condolences. Join us again next week to see more great floral designs. 🌹

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