Friday Funday – A Prom Floral Promenade

Ahh, prom season.

If you went to your prom more than about five years ago, for many young people today, the prom experience is immensely different than it used to be.

Whether it’s simply a special evening of dinner and dancing in fancy attire, or an extravagant affair that starts weeks in advance with an elaborate “promposal,” followed by outings for dress shopping and tux fittings, complete hair and makeup, riding in a limo or jeep, a full-on photoshoot, a four course meal and oh, the actual dance, of course, prom is always an occasion to remember for everyone who takes part.

The name “prom” is a shortened version of the word “promenade,” a term for a formal introduction of guests at elaborate parties and debutante balls in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, where both then and now, prom events were designed as an opportunity for attendees to dress their best and spend a special evening together. 

For proms and other special dances, a special tradition includes the gifting of corsages for the ladies, and often a boutonniere for the gentlemen, too, made from special flowers (and greenery) plus fancy embellishments such as ribbon, beads, jewels, charms and other adornments, typically color-coordinated with the couple’s dress and tux.

Destined to be a memory of a special evening, corsage and boutonniere floral designs must be special, of course, and every year, we can assure you that some of the best work of talented floral designers from all around is also on promenade during prom season, as they are always beautiful, and always special.

As prom season begins to wrap up for the year, take a peek at some of our favorite corsage, boutonniere and other cool pieces for prom in this week’s blog! 💃🕺

Whether attendees are together in a steady relationship or amongst their besties or friend group, prom night is also a time to celebrate love, starting early in the evening with the gifting of the corsage and boutonnieres.

Have a red vest and dress? This set is for you!

Shared with us by Hofland, a floral wholesaler in Canada, this corsage and boutonniere set — with matching nails and bowtie — looks stunning on both the guy and girl, filled with flowers and accompanying greens arranged for a special night.

Flowers: Roses, Baby’s Breath
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum

If you’re not into traditions, or are looking for something unique to present as the evening begins, go beyond traditional wrist and lapel designs with some artfully created floral jewelry!

Designed by Meghan of Tildy Floral Designs in North Carolina, this tiny design brings lots of elegance, whether your dress or vest is white, pink or any other color! The piece pictured above could be used as a ring, pin, hairpiece and more, perfect for a couple who are looking for something a little different on prom night.

It brings a touch of classic styles, such as the Leatherleaf and Roses, and touch of modern trends, including the Ruscus and berries.

Flowers: Roses, Wax Flowers, Berries
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Italian Ruscus

If jewelry isn’t for you or your date, or you are looking for something VERY unique, take a look at the designs above!

How about a bouquet for the young lady, and a hat for the gentleman? The flower ladies at Sweetly Gathered, a floral shop in Kentucky, had you covered this year!

From the fresh and dried blooms and greens, color coordination, peacock feathers and of course, a touch of our favorite greenery, swipe through the photos above to take a look at how magical they look together. What couple wouldn’t want to stand out with these!?

Flowers: Roses, Carnations, Limonium, Scabiosa, Oxford Blue
Greenery: Leatherleaf, Cocculus

Lastly, as seen above paired with the hat, a relatively new tradition in the world of prom florals are prom bouquets. While they’re typically a little smaller and less extravagant than other handhelds, they are just as special.

Don’t forget to pair them with your dress and tux! This beautiful prom bouquet, brought to us by Town and Country Floral Gallery in Texas and made with fresh flowers and greenery, paired well with the dress of the young lady who received it, we’re sure.

Bright red roses stand out front and center, surrounded by white Roses and a plethora of Orchids and Calla Lilies, finished off with pearls, charms and beads tucked inside. The perfect gift to start off an enchanted evening, and a night to remember.

Flowers: Roses, Orchids, Calla Lilies
Greenery: Italian Ruscus


Whether you’re gathering inspiration for future years, or are awed by what’s available today by reflecting on prom experiences of the past, we hope that you enjoyed each of these designs as much as we did. Come back next week to see more amazing designs for the various occasions that keep us busy all year long in the floral industry! 🌿

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