Friday Funday – Pumpkin Delights

Yes, Halloween was almost a week ago. We know October is over. And, we know you’ve probably seen that all of us here at Albin’s are already in the Christmas spirit, as shipping of winter greenery and production of wreaths and decor for the holiday season is in full swing.

We love our greens, but during the fall, as agriculture industry enthusiasts, one of our favorite sights to see are the many PUMPKINS that are displayed in celebration of Halloween, and even into November, even though it’s officially the Christmas season around our farm, fall brings plenty of reasons to continue celebrating the harvest season.

Carvings, Jack O’Lanterns and fall-inspired displays are always beautiful, but for one of our favorite orange fruits (no, not just citrus, as pumpkins produce flowers as they grow and contain seeds on the inside, so they are technically a fruit) each fall season, we love to see them used in many floral creations.

See the magic of flowers and greenery paired with (or rather, in) pumpkins for yourself below in this week’s edition of #FridayFunday! ?

Two of our favorites — pumpkins and Leatherleaf Fern! Don’t they look like they were just made for each other?

Designed by the Ye Olde Daisy Shoppe in Arkansas, who specializes in delighting customers with fresh and beautiful floral arrangements, we think this one is definitely a pumpkin delight, even after Halloween!

Their Daisies don’t disappoint, as the bright fall Daisies pair well with the warm Roses and Carnations, plus the filler flowers, and of course, Leatherleaf.

How about a…real pumpkin in an arrangement? The folks at Don’s Flowers and Gifts in Michigan had you covered this season!

Daisies, Poms and Statice flowers, paired with fresh Leatherleaf inside a freshly carved pumpkin, what more could you ask for?

(Apparently, per the post, they were very popular, and it’s not hard to see why!)

Here, we have the same concept, but with different flowers and greens, it looks just as amazing to celebrate fall this year!

Offered by AZ Florist in Arizona, “Pumpkin Spice Forever Bouquet” fits this beauty well. While the flowers, including Roses, Daisies and Goldenrod, plus the Salal and Eucalyptus used as greenery, may not last forever, the ceramic pumpkin, and most importantly, the fall memories that it helps create, most certainly will.

(But, wouldn’t boo-quet be a more fun addition to the name for the Halloween season?)

A little non-traditional, but we couldn’t resist this one!

Our friends at Mt. Newton Floral, a wholesaler in Canada, have a pumpkin “carving” contest each year, and to us, as they asked for in the post, there’s a clear winner!

Why? It’s the only one that used flowers and greens, and they’re some of our favorites, too, including Leatherleaf and Seeded Eucalyptus, and fall-inspired Roses, Snapdragons and Alstroemeria to make it stand out.

But, all of their designs were winners, in our book.

Bonus: We couldn’t just pick four! Check out this design shared by Kennicott Brothers Wholesale from one of their customers from the Chicago area. The fresh Seeded Eucalyptus included here pairs amazingly with the fresh fall flowers.


Pumpkins + flowers + greenery = the perfect way to celebrate fall. This will likely be our last fall edition for the season, but visit us again next week to see more outstanding designs inspired by other themes, winter and of course, Christmas!

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