Friday Funday – Turkey Day Warm Up

How can Thanksgiving be…next week? November is almost two-thirds of the way over, and we’re not sure where the time has gone!

In the United States, every year, we set aside the last Thursday in November to spend time with friends and family to celebrate being thankful for the many bounties that we embrace in our lives, and usually enjoy some delicious food, too.

Even though we’ve been in the Christmas season for about a month so far here at Albin’s, as we’ve said before, we love our fall florals, and as the holiday approaches next week, we know that many of our favorite wholesalers and designers have been hard at work creating magic with fresh designs for Thanksgiving celebrations and gatherings.

The work isn’t over just yet, though, as the big day is just five days away! As countless hosts and hostesses everywhere plan their dinners and celebrations, many love to complete theirs with a fresh floral design, whether as centerpieces, accents or home decor, created by floral enthusiasts who bring their all to wind down the fall season at Thanksgiving, and prepare to start ringing in the holiday season afterwards.

Check out a few of our favorite fall-inspired Thanksgiving designs in this week’s edition of #FridayFunday these are just what we have seen so far! ?

“Unbe-LEAF-able” sums up these designs pretty well, if we say so ourselves.

Each of these designs, designed by their customers and showcased by Kelley Wholesale Florist of Massachusetts, do a fabulous job of showing off the beauty of fall for all who have the chance to admire them, at Thanksgiving and beyond.

Winter greenery isn’t just for Christmas! We especially love the first one, filled with fresh Leyland Cypress, Carolina Sapphire and Magnolia leaves, all wrapped up together.

One of our favorite combinations is Leatherleaf Fern with anything, especially soft and fresh Magnolia leaves!

This tabletop vase, arranged by a customer of Floristcentric Wholesale here in Florida, brings the magic of flowers and greenery together, including trendy Roses, Sunflowers, Dahlias and fillers for fall, mixed with the Leatherleaf and Magnolia, plus some Eucalyptus, too.

Perfect for any table, at Thanksgiving and beyond.

Did someone say, “Leatherleaf?”

We’re always all ears (and eyes) when some of our best-selling green makes a great impression, like in this bouquet, brought to us by FiftyFlowers, an online market for flowers, greenery and decor based out of Idaho.

Leatherleaf, paired with fresh Israeli Ruscus, makes these festive fall Roses, Proteas and Trachiums POP when artfully arranged together. Perfect to POP in a vase, on a table or in a quick wrap or container for a stunning and festive gift.

Whether you’re carving a turkey at home, or planning to enjoy a scrumptious dinner and pumpkin pie afterwards at a loved one’s, a special Thanksgiving centerpiece would look great on a table of your own, or as a thoughtful gift for your host’s own!

The folks at Flowerama of Springfield in Missouri have some great inspiration this year! Check out these mixes of festive fall blooms, such as Sunflowers, Daisies, Carnations and Lilies, and fresh greenery, including Variegated Pittosporum, Salal and Seeded Eucalyptus, beautifully arranged in festive containers and accessories.

Time is running out — call or stop into your local florist to order or pick up yours for the big day!


We hope that all of our Albin’s family members, near and far, have a great Thanksgiving, and a fantastic [official] start to the holiday season afterwards. Visit us again the first week in December for our next edition of #FridayFunday!

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