Friday Funday – August Au-dities

Happy August, readers!

As the months move along, it’s hard to believe that 2022 is almost two-thirds of the way over already. Before we know it, it will be Christmas, which, ahem, is only about 150 days away.

While thankfully that is still quite a while away, in the middle of wedding season, and exciting preparations for Christmas 2022, otherwise known as “The Best Time of the Year” here at Albin’s, we thought it would be fun to take a break from the usual type of blogs we do, and take a look at some designs from a different perspective.

“Different perspective,” you ask?

No, fried chicken, kale and Hulk Hogan don’t have much in common together, but they recently made for some really fun floral designs! After all, what could be cooler than one of those and flowers?

This summer, we’ve been loving all of the bright, summery designs we have seen, plus the many bridal bouquets, centerpieces, backdrops and boutonnieres that we have seen throughout wedding season this summer, but we’ve also loved these.

Obviously, most of these designs wouldn’t quite fit in at a wedding, or other formal event, but they’re our August Au-ddities, and still pretty awesome in our eyes!

(And, many of them are filled with some of our favorite greenery, too.)

This week, in a little different style than usual, join us in admiring these 10 cool – somewhat eccentric – but still totally outstanding – floral designs by members of our Albin’s Family from this summer — we know you’ll love them, and maybe get a laugh or two!

“Nothing says summer like a bike filled with flowers,” and while that may sound odd at first, after seeing this design, we’d definitely agree!

Check out this masterpiece of just that – a bike filled with flowers – designed by Dominica Giallombardo of Branch and Blossom Botanicals here in Florida, and you’re likely to agree as well.

This beautiful bike rode into summer filled with fresh flowers, such as Anemones, Gerbera Daisies and Stock, plus plenty of greenery, including Salal, cut Palmetto Fans, Baby Blue Eucalyptus and assorted ferns.

Looking for something “fresh” that’s not a flower for your floral designs? How about some…fruit?

Totally doable, and totally cool, this fruit and greenery centerpiece, designed by Piney Rose Flowers and Decor of Texas, uses varieties of oranges in lieu of flowers, plus a variety of greenery, for a totally fresh look.

The oranges are surrounded by a sea of greenery, including Italian Ruscus, Salal and Seeded Eucalyptus, to complete the look for a beautiful wedding day earlier this summer.

We’d definitely recommend putting it in some water after the pictures are done, but how awesome is this freestanding arrangement of blooms and greens?

Part of the Florists Supply Education Week for designers earlier this summer in Canada, this completely freestanding “vase” of flowers, including Gerbera Daisies, Carnations and Alstroemeria, supported by fresh Leatherleaf, is so very cool.

We LOVE all of that fresh Leatherleaf, but also can’t forget to mention those Lilies about to pop!

Need a giant peace sign in your life? No? You’re in luck anyway!

Shared with us by Washington Floral Service, a wholesaler, and designed by Elle Crocker of Elle Fleurit Floral in Washington, this giant peace sign design is totally groovy, and filled with plenty of flower power, including Roses, Dahlias and Daisies, and gobs of fresh greenery.

It’s here that we say PEACE OUT ✌ to part one, and move into part two of this post — showcasing some eccentric designs!

Got someone who’s hard to buy a gift for? How about some flowers? Or some fried chicken? Or, both?

Often, florists love to take special requests to help put something special in the designs they create for customers, and this one has something special in it, literally. Fried chicken!

Designed by special request by the Ye Olde Daisy Shoppe, a florist in Arkansas, this one has just that, pieces of scrumptious, delicious fried chicken, surrounded by Carnations and other flowers, plus Leatherleaf and Salal greenery to finish it off.

(Peep the “bucket” that it came in on the bottom!)

Want something a little healthier? No problem!

From a “Flower Friday” by In Bloom Florist here in Florida, this design takes some “flowers,” aka heads of kale (yes, the vegetable) and pairs them with Button Daisies and some of our favorite greenery.

Kale might be a little bland to eat, but its colors make this design stand out, and the fresh fronds of Leatherleaf make it even more special.

Need something a little more, alive? While the flowers and greens may come already cut, they can be put together to make some special “living” creations!

Check out this adorable mini panda bear, made completely of flowers, designed by the ABM Floral Studio, a flower shop in Illinois. Natural white and dyed black Chrysanthemums, plus the cute little ears and mouth, were all that was needed to create this living design.

Pandas might be known for loving bamboo, but here, he’s sitting on a bed of fresh Salal leaves!

Love Minions? Or, perhaps Hulk Hogan is more your style? No matter if you’re a fan of either or not, don’t miss out on these amazing designs!

Designer Amanda Voss, AIFD of the Bosque Flower Studio in New Mexico recently brought both to life using flowers and greenery, including the Minion, made of yellow blooms, plus its overalls, goggles and teddy bear, and dressed up a Hulk Hogan figurine, complete with a flower crown made of assorted blooms and greens for one of wrestling’s manliest men.

While Minions and action figures may not actually be real, these designs are, and we thought they were pretty amazing.

Lastly, shifting the focus on some really fun greenery, while Pride Month may have come to an end at the end of June, it’s not too late to admire this fun design to celebrate!

Shared with us by Flowerama of Springfield, a flower shop in Missouri, both the flowers and greenery in this design are BRIGHT, to brighten up any day.

Check out some beautiful Rainbow Roses amongst an assortment of rainbow bright flowers, along with some brightly painted Sword Fern and Tree Fern, plus Salal leaves and fresh Leatherleaf to top it off.

So bright, that we definitely wanted shades for this one. 😎


That’s the end of our list of August Au-ddities, and we hope that you enjoyed admiring these designs as much as we did. Have a favorite? Let us know which one in the comments below!

As school begins to start, and summer begins to end, don’t forget to join us again next week to see more beautiful designs, created with love by members of our Albin’s Family. 💚

(Are you part of our Albin’s Family? Post your florals to Instagram and follow us at @albinhagstrom_son for the chance to be featured in an upcoming edition of the blog!)