Friday Funday – Is Greenery the New Flower?

It’s the final few days of July this week, and as promised, we are bringing you a special surprise set of designs to finish out this month’s series of blogs, focused around a specific set of wedding design styles.

Here at Albin’s, and echoed to us from our wholesale partners, retailers who are in need of additional product and folks looking for wedding design inspiration, amongst the influx of weddings this year, plus record sales numbers for holidays and everyday designs, demand for greenery this year is higher than it has ever been for a summer season, traditionally a fairly slow time in the industry.

All of it has a destination once it’s purchased, and as Abby, our marketing manager, planned and wrote each of this month’s blog posts covering various styles for wedding designs, she discovered a new trend in all of the designs she saw, from those shared by our Albin’s Family, and many others from designers around the world.

This week, we are excited to bring you what’s perhaps our favorite theme, err…style, so far. (You could probably guess that it’s one of our favorites, too!)

Of course, we love all of the beautiful flowers out there just as much as we love our greenery, especially in wedding season, but with the rise in the amount and usage of greenery seen in this year’s wedding design trends, and seeing the idea mentioned by some top designers in the industry, we are wondering.

“Is greenery the new flower?” 🤔

We think it could be, but if you’re not yet convinced, take a look at a few of our favorite greenery-centric wedding floral designs from so far this year, in our final post of our wedding style series!

As we love them too, when we say “greenery is the new flower,” that doesn’t mean each design is completely devoid of flowers, but it means that an abundance of greenery makes them look even more special.

Shared with us by the folks at Floristcentric, a wholesaler here in Florida, we have to say that the ladies of Bluegrass Chic Floral Design, a Florida wedding florist, probably would agree with us, after seeing some of their beautiful designs!

Swipe through the post above to see some of them, including arches, backdrops, centerpieces and other fun wedding designs, from small to over-the-top,  that they have recently created.

From varieties of Eucalyptus and Ruscus, to Salal, Nagi and Curly Willow, we LOVE all of those greens, paired with plenty of white flowers, including Roses and Stock.

Flowers: White Roses, Lisianthus, Stock
Greenery: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Seeded Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus, Israeli Ruscus, Salal, Nagi, Curly Willow (Call to Order)

“You wanna know a secret? Sometimes, you just need a little bit of green!” We definitely agree! 

Our friends at The Flowerman, a florist and flower shop in Ohio, are onto something here, as sometimes, it’s the little touches that can make a huge difference, especially with wedding florals.

Take a look at these adorable little chair markers that they designed for a wedding earlier this year, filled with plenty of greenery. Fresh Plumosus, Nagi and Seeded Eucalyptus make up the entirety of this design.

No flowers needed here!

Flowers: None!
Greenery: Plumosus, Nagi, Seeded Eucalyptus

After all, it’s a personal preference whether you believe that the answer to our question here is yes, or no, but if you’re anything like the couple from the wedding below, the answer is YES!

Take for example, a wedding recently “flowered” by Marcho’s Florist and Greenhouses of Pennsylvania last month, also made up of just greenery, plus a few filler flowers.

The tables at this couple’s reception were covered in fresh, beautiful greenery, including Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Gunni Eucalyptus, plus Sprengeri, Foxtail and Baby’s Breath.

And, did you catch that it was grown right on their farm in the post? How cool, local and American grown flowers – and greenery – are the best!

Flowers: Greenery… and Baby’s Breath
Greenery: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Sprengeri, Foxtail

Last, but certainly not least, every bride needs a beautiful bouquet on their wedding day, and what better style for it be than greenery-centric? (With flowers, too.)

This one, designed by Olivia Schoen of Radiant Floral, a special event and wedding florist in Wisconsin, is special — and it’s filled with greenery!

In terms of answering our big question, the lush Peonies and Lisianthus as the center blooms are gorgeous in this bouquet, but it’s absolutely the greenery that makes it outstanding, including plenty of Nagi, Eucalyptus and Plumosus, oh, and some Leyland Cypress, too.

With this absolutely stunning bouquet, this bride’s look came together stunningly for her special day earlier this year.

Flowers: Peonies, Lisianthus, Stock, Wax Flowers
Greenery: Nagi, Baby Blue Eucalyptus, Plumosus, Leyland Cypress


So, is greenery truly the new flower? After record demand this summer, and especially after seeing these designs, we think so, but it’s up to you to decide.

As August comes around next week, our series of this year’s trendy wedding floral styles has come to an end, but fear not, our showcases of beautiful designs won’t be! Join us again next week to see more outstanding floral designs, shared by members of our Albin’s Family, here on the blog. 🌿

(Are you part of our Albin’s Family? Post your florals to Instagram and follow us at @albinhagstrom_son for the chance to be featured in an upcoming edition of the blog!)