Friday Funday – Beyond the Bouquet

While most include many of the same elements – a beautiful venue, some great food, fun flowers, and a marriage ceremony, of course – no two weddings are exactly alike.

As times and trends change, from ceremonies at the county courthouse, to extravagant affairs at resorts, in banquet halls and on farms, weddings have also changed, and one of the parts of a wedding that has seen the most changes are wedding flowers.

The bride and bridesmaids carry bouquets, there’s often a pretty design placed on the altar or next to the officiant at the front, and flowers are included in the centerpieces at the reception or celebration, but lately, we’re seeing more and more different ways that flowers are incorporated at many weddings.

And we’re loving it, too. (Especially when plenty of greenery is used.)

On this #FridayFunday, join us in looking beyond the bouquet at a few of our favorite designs from September that incorporate some ideas for non-traditional wedding flowers for a very special day! ?

Going beyond the bouquet doesn’t mean your bridesmaids have to be left empty handed. How about holding hands, or holding…hoops?

Just as beautiful as bouquets, these floral hoops, designed by The Flowerman!, a retail and wedding florist located in Ohio, incorporate beautiful blooms and plenty of fresh, green Eucalyptus and Ruscus, for a stunning look.

Many weddings take place at venues other than churches today, but inside or outside, the concept of decorating the aisle with floral pew markers can still be used in other settings.

Check out these “aisle markers” for a gorgeous, Southern summer outdoor wedding, artfully created by Tiger Lily Weddings, of Tiger Lily Florist in South Carolina! The vibrant green Aralia leaves that pop out from behind the Orchid blossoms provide the perfect backing for these artfully designed pieces.

At the reception, flowers aren’t just for centerpieces! The sweetheart table (for just the bride and groom, or the bride, groom and whole wedding party) is a special part of each wedding, unique to each couple.

This one, flowered by Cyndi Brassard of Wedding Flowers by Cyndi in Pennsylvania, brings the oasis inside with plenty of fresh green Ruscus and Salal, with a touch of Leatherleaf, too (zoom in to see it right in the front) for the bride and groom’s special day.

Who says you can only have a few colors in your wedding flower color palette? Definitely not us, or some of our favorite designers!

And, who says your wedding ring must be made of a precious metal? Okay, probably most people, but this around the finger piece, made of a rainbow of colors and some of our favorite Leatherleaf Fern, looks pretty great as well.

Bold. Vibrant. Beautiful. (And innovative, with plenty of greenery, too.) That’s only a few of the great things about these playful and colorful designs by Ashley Kirnan of Tarry Grove Designs in New York.

There’s a whole set – plus some behind-the-scenes fun – of colorful designs from this photoshoot, that we’re saving for something fun later on, but we couldn’t let the theme for this week go by without sharing just a *tiny* preview of what’s to come!


Sometimes, it’s fun to go beyond the bouquet. You never know what you’ll love. Check back next week to see more of our favorite floral designs and ideas!

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