Friday Funday – Inspired Design Black Hills

From conferences and conventions, to workshops, trade shows and many others, there’s always something exciting and unique going on in the floral industry. Plus, they’re usually lots of fun.

One of our favorite events each year is the Inspired Design Floral Retreat.

Started by two AIFD florists, Patience Pickner and Ace Berry, with the idea of providing florists and floral enthusiasts from across the U.S. three days of “designing for the soul,” the retreats host three flower-filled days of fun, including workshops, social activities, design tips and hands-on practice, that culminate in end experiences such as runway shows and professional photoshoots with models and photographers. The first event took place in 2019.

As the 2020 event had to be postponed, TWO retreats took place in 2021: the first in Austin, Texas, from June 7-9 (see some cool designs and photos from the Austin retreat here and here, along with a special feature), and the second just recently on August 27-29 in Black Hills, South Dakota.

We love seeing what comes from the retreats, but we love helping them come to be even more, as Albin Hagstrom & Son was once again honored to be the greenery sponsor for their retreat in Black Hills! Nearly all of the greenery used in what the attendees created was from Albin’s, and many of their flowers and fillers sourced from fellow #AmericanGrown producers.

While the final photos from the end aren’t ready just yet – but we will be sure to share and update here when they are – here’s a few of our favorite designs from last month’s retreat in Black Hills, and the designers behind them! (Plus, two bonus videos!) ?

Bonus Video: Can’t have floral designs without some gorgeous flowers, greens and supplies! 

Take a look at the bounty from Albin’s, along with our friends at North American Wholesale Florist, Inc., OASIS Floral Products and Reliant Ribbon that was used for the retreat, as shown [with excitement!] by Patience Pickner herself.

During the retreat, day one was lots of fun, and involved some beautiful designs, such as this summer-inspired bouquet, designed by attendee Jannette Marie Scott, a freelance designer from Texas.

This variety of warm hued flowers is accented beautifully by the cool hued Eucalyptus and Pine greenery – and it looks stunning.

Eccentric? Yup. But we absolutely love this headpiece design from organizer Ace Berry, of Fulshear Floral Design in Texas.

Colors, flowers, greenery, it has it all, and we can’t look away! These beautiful Orchids and painted Anthuriums, accented by some of our most fun greenery, such as Foxtail, Monstera and Aspidistra, keep us in love with this “flower crown!”

No need to go over-the-top to be beautiful, though. Simple designs are great as well, and such as this headpiece by attendee Erica De Jong of The Floral Market in Iowa. 

The purple flowers look stunning against the accent greenery, made up of Italian Ruscus and filler flowers and greens.

The last day of the retreat was time for a wedding — almost, with professional modeling and photos of the wedding-oriented floral designs from day two by attendees, such as this gorgeous bridal bouquet by attendee Christine Peterson of The Blossom Shoppe in South Dakota.

For summer? For fall? This bouquet has beautiful flowers and painted pampas surrounded by greenery such as Eucalyptus, Cocculus and Aspidistra. We think it’d look pretty great for both.

Bonus Video: Check out even more from the Black Hills retreat, including arches, outdoor décor, more bouquets, sprays and more, professionally modeled, photographed and videoed by Sarah of Wandering Wilde Media.

(If this is just the beginning, we can’t wait for more to come!)


Plans for the 2022 retreats are underway, with more information and dates available soon. Visit inspireddesign.info for more information, and be sure to check back next week to be “inspired” by even more of our favorite floral designs!

(Are you part of our Albin’s Family? Post your florals to Instagram and follow us at @albinhagstrom_son for the chance to be featured in an upcoming edition of Friday Funday!)