Friday Funday – Colorful Delights

It’s no secret: we love our greens, but we’re pretty fond of the color green itself, too.

Each of the hues that we see in our products, from the pale fronds and leaves of Plumosus and Eucalyptus, to the dark fronds and leaves of Leatherleaf and Monstera, make the color green look pretty great, but what makes the color of our greenery look even better?

The beautiful and colorful blooms of flowers, of course, used in floral artistry of all shapes and sizes that are created by members of our Albin’s Family, all across the globe. We love seeing the magic of those even more.

Summer is a time for many colors, and brings out some of the best blooms we see in the floral industry all year long. Here’s a few of our favorites from the week of August 2. ?

Who said Leatherleaf is out for summer weddings? Definitely not us. Check out this bouquet, simply made and artfully arranged for a very special wedding, featuring some beautiful Roses and Leatherleaf, brought to you by Hofland, a wholesaler in Ontario, Canada.

(And we agree!)

There’s no one best style for wedding flowers, but we think this arch brings some pretty outstanding style, made even better with local and American grown flowers and greenery.

This beautiful arch, designed by Laura Fernandes of Fern Floral Design in New York, incorporates a stunning color palette, made even better with fresh Plumosus, Tree Fern and Green Pittosporum, plus a few others.

How about some colors on the go? Flowers aren’t just for weddings, they can easily brighten anyone’s day in a cheerful way!

These bouquets from Growers Direct Flowers in California would bring a smile to anyone’s face with all of those colorful blooms surrounded by fresh greens, such as Israeli Ruscus, Salal and Eucalyptus.

Flowers are a great way to show expression, and from large to small, designers love to express their style through their creations.

These beautiful pieces, featuring various flowers by Wasserman’s Flowers & Gifts in Michigan, express their own and their designers’ styles with Leatherleaf and Eucalyptus greenery.


That’s all, folks! Check back next week for a few more of our favorites.

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