Friday Funday – Orange You Glad

While we know from history that the fruit was named before the color, there still aren’t any good rhyming words for “orange” (“door hinge,” maybe, but that’s two words) sadly, with as many products made from the fruit, and colorized by the color that exist today.

Here at Albin Hagstrom & Son, after seeing the perseverance and resilience of the floral industry this season rebuild the beauty of event florals and special designs for weddings, parties, gatherings and more, we have come to love the color orange.

Move over, traditional pinks, purples and blues, orange is more popular than ever for weddings and events, and we love seeing it in creations by our Albin’s Family.

If you’re looking for something fresh and fun for your florals, consider some orange, like what’s in these amazing designs. Here’s a few of our favorites from the week of August 9. ?

What a beautiful orange Zinnia bloom!

It’s pretty stunning on its own, but accented by its fresh Italian Ruscus and Seeded Eucalyptus greenery, it looks even better.

The Roses and Daisies make excellent additions as well, that bring out the orange of the Zinnia, arranged by Jessica Jones of Blooms N’ Blossoms, a wedding and events florist from Kentucky.

We can’t leave out the fruit, though!

Oranges, found on license plates and in groves everywhere across the state, are fittingly the Florida state fruit, and make quite the statement in this tabletop arrangement, artfully created by Brooke Raulerson of Revelation Design here in Florida.

The Green Pittosporum and Podocarpus leaves sure make the Hydrangea and Orange Blossom blooms stand out.

(Like what you see? More designs like this are featured within the Floral Greens Farmers of Florida’s Web Image Collection, with stunning designs, high-quality promotional images, and recipe lists to create with for various occasions and seasons!)

The Inspired Design Retreats are always some of our favorite events of the year, and the first one of 2021 became even more special when we saw the beautiful orange hues that were used in many of the attendee’s designs!

This beautiful bridal-style bouquet, designed by Doug Vogt of Designs by Vogts in Michigan, was created during the June 2021 Retreat in Austin, Texas. These orange and yellow blooms, alongside some fresh Xanadu leaves, make a beautiful bouquet.

(We can’t wait for their next event, happening later this month in Black Hills, South Dakota! Be on the lookout for more beautiful designs that we’ll share when it happens.)

It’s not quite autumn, yet, but planning for autumn weddings is in full swing, and that means that even though it’s summer, autumn design ideas abound.

This week’s Friday Funday wraps up with a stunning autumn wedding bouquet, showcased by FiftyFlowers, an online retailer for florals, greens and supplies, based out of Idaho. Swipe right on their post above to check out that color palette that highlights a beautiful orange hue, with flowers surrounded by fresh Baby Blue Eucalyptus and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.


“Orange” you glad to see all of these? Check back next week for a few more of our favorites.

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