Friday Funday – Let’s Talk About Pittosporum

Before the last of the spring holidays come, and we start preparing for an extra busy wedding and event season, let’s take time to acknowledge and admire one of the newest trends we have seen in greenery this year: Pittosporum.

Pittosporum has been popular for quite some time, both when used as a live plant in landscaping, and as cut greenery in floral design, for being thick and woody, and resistant to heat and frost as they grow, and long-lasting with a touch of freshness as greenery.

Like many different plants, Pittosporum comes in many different varieties.

Here at Albin’s, we carry two of the most popular, Green Pittosporum and Variegated Pittosporum, with solid, deep green leaves and pastel green leaves edged with soft yellow, respectively, but there’s also other varieties that are popular in floral design, such as varieties of Italian Pittosporum, with wavy, slightly crinkled leaves, plus other ornamental varieties.

Small leaves make a big impression when it comes to using Pittosporum in floral design, and as many flower shops and designers move towards offering more natural style pieces of floral art, incorporating ideas such as wildflowers, natural greenery, diverse textures, and more colors, especially bright ones, than ever, demand for Pittosporum has soared.

Both varieties of Pittosporum that we sell have always been top sellers for us, to the point where after the busy Valentine’s Day season and the first big orders of spring, availability becomes limited in March and early April in order to let the live shrubs rest and regrow quality foliage, but the few weeks it’s gone are always worth the wait.

As April showers prepare to bring plenty of May flowers this spring, see what we mean in this week’s edition of the blog that showcases some of our favorite recent designs that incorporate a little—or a lot—of one of our new favorite greens! 💚

April’s birth month flower is the cheery Daisy, and with the first few sights of spring happening throughout the month, it’s easy to see why.

Brought to us by Goff & Dittman Florists in Illinois, their “Daisy Delight” design is the perfect way to brighten the day, or an April birthday! Bright Daisies rest atop fresh Variegated Pittosporum to make this one look fabulous, and plus a few Pom Poms, and a stem of purple Statice, it’s a cheerful delight.

Flowers: Daisies, Pom Poms, Statice
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum

There’s always plenty of spring flowers and greenery to go around, and our next design brings plenty of both that rang in the spring earlier this month.

Designed and shared by Scent & Violet Flowers and Gifts of Texas, the variety of pastel-hued flowers, including Roses, Peonies, Calla Lilies and more, pairs well with a variety of greenery, to include Variegated Pittosporum and several others.

Flowers: Hydrangea, Peonies, Stock, Chrysanthemum, Hyacinth, Roses, Calla Lilies
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum, Seeded Eucalyptus, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Salal, Leatherleaf

Spring brings the sunshine after a long winter, and flowers are a great way to share some joy with someone special, like with this design!

Filled with local and American grown flowers and greenery, and designed by Val Foote of Sungrove Blossoms in New York, this bouquet of sunshine has plenty of bright blooms and greenery, both traditional and natural-inspired, perfect for a sunshine-filled day.

Flowers: Gerbera Daisy, Lisanthus, Stock, Tulips, Foxglove, Mini Mums
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum, Sword Fern, Seeded Eucalyptus

Mother’s Day is on the way, and by designers everywhere, there’s plenty of special designs in store for one of the biggest floral holidays of the year, that include plenty of Pittosporum!

A designer who LOVES her Pittosporum, Caroline Shook of Poppy Garden & Floral Design in South Carolina uses plenty of one of our new favorite greens in her designs, like this one, with the perfect pink color scheme and accompanying greens, perfect for mom, or just to brighten up the day.

Flowers: Stock, Ranunculus, Roses, Mini Roses, Celosia
Greenery: Variegated Pittosporum, Assorted Eucalyptus


(BONUS: Looking for more inspiration with Pittosporum? The Floral Greens Farmers of Florida have you covered this season! Check out this informative video by designer Brooke Raulerson, AIFD over using varieties of Pittosporum in your floral designs.)


We love Leatherleaf, but we’re loving seeing Pittosporum taking some of the spotlight, too, this spring. Visit us again next week to see more greenery-inspired designs, including many that are special for Mother’s Day over the next few weeks! 🌿

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