Friday Funday – Spring Has Sprung

There’s never a bad time of the year for fresh flowers and greenery, and especially not during springtime!

Last month, we celebrated the Spring Equinox and waved goodbye to winter, and said an enthusiastic hello to spring as the seasons officially changed. Sometimes Mother Nature isn’t as fast to get with the program in some places, as we watch some of our “Albin’s Family” members get snow and ice in late March and April, but spring is here.

In Florida, we don’t get much of a winter, but we always love when spring comes around, both for the changes in the weather, and the beautiful blooms that surround us.

Not only do we love the lush wildflowers and bright blooms in home landscapes that appear, we of course love the many bright and fresh designs that appear at the beginning of and throughout the spring season. While it may not be an actual holiday, it still gives us plenty of reason to celebrate as we kick off the freshest time of the year.

Join us in celebrating in this week’s edition of #FridayFunday, as we admire some of our favorite spring-inspired designs from the start of the season! 🌱

All you need is some love, Leatherleaf and fresh flowers to celebrate, right!?

If so, the folks at Gainan’s Midtown Flowers in Montana have you covered, with a beautiful vase of spring flowers (and greens) that they shared to celebrate the start of the season!

Fresh and bright pink, yellow, orange and green Lilies, Stock, Mums, Daisies and Wax Flowers lovingly arranged to rest atop a beautiful underlayer of Leatherleaf.

Some Leatherleaf is all they need for a truly “enchanting” design!

With those puppy dog eyes, we couldn’t resist sharing this one! It’s cute, in so many ways.

As asked in the post, what could make fresh spring flowers even better? A puppy-shaped bouquet of flowers, of course, designed and shared with us by Kuhn Flowers, a flower shop here in Florida.

The whole design has a little more than Leatherleaf within it, including plenty of bright Roses, Carnations and Goldenrod, surrounded by fresh Leatherleaf, plus some Variegated Pittosporum hiding underneath as well.

It’s dog-gone cute!

Not quite sure of what’s perfect for spring, or looking for a little more than Leatherleaf? That’s okay, as there’s not only one right way to celebrate when it comes to flowers.

Check out this lineup of fresh spring arrangements – from a handheld bouquet, to a planter box, wrapped bouquet, a mini vase and a farmhouse-inspired wire frame – our friends at Florists Supply, a wholesaler in Canada, have you covered for some great ideas.

Featured in their designs include fresh Cocculus and Salal leaves with pastel blooms like Hyacinth in the handheld bouquet, crisp Israeli Ruscus and Variegated Pittosporum with Chrysanthemums, Carnations and Daisies in the wrapped bouquet, and plenty of Silver Dollar, Baby Blue and Seeded Eucalyptus with various succulents and Orchids on the wire frame.

Our favorite design of these five? All of them!

Finally, it’s never too late to be a kid again in the spring, with plenty of fun and frolicing to be done, and to wrap up this week’s edition of the blog, here’s a fun design!

Brought to us by Ken’s Flower Shop of North Dakota, these blooms and greens are perfect for spring, including bright pink Tulips, plump stems of Hypericum, orange and yellow Lilies about to pop and some fillers to celebrate the arrival of springtime.

Perhaps, though, the stars of the show are the greens, including the vibrant Variegated Aspidistra leaves, and lush leaves of Variegated Pittosporum to top it off as springtime begins.


Happy Spring! It’s going to be a great season, full of freshness and fun. We know it. As always, check back here on the blog next week for more great designs and ideas, at springtime and beyond. 🌞

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