Friday Funday – St. Patrick’s Day Favorites

Top O’ the morning to you! (Or afternoon, or evening, depending upon what time it is as you read this.)

With the many shamrocks and clovers that appeared throughout the land, last week was St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated in Ireland and around the world.

Although, for many, today, the holiday might be a little more about having some good-spirited fun vs. celebrating the Irish cultural and religious roots of the holiday, we love seeing all of the green, and greens, that are part of the celebration.

As always, there’s never a bad time to celebrate with fresh cut greenery arranged with fresh cut flowers, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. 

We’ll cover more wedding florals later on, we promise, but for this week’s #FridayFunday, join us in admiring some of our favorite festive St. Patrick’s Day designs! 🌈

If you love the color greens, or greenery itself, some of our favorite folks have you covered for both, at St. Patrick’s Day and beyond.

Always celebrating the color and the foliage, the Floral Greens Farmers of Florida celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this year with a beautiful table centerpiece, filled with fresh greenery and some crisp, white blooms.

Just look at that mix! Those stunning white Roses lie on a bed of fresh greens, including Coontie Fern, Nagi, Xanadu, Sword Fern, Green Pittosporum, Plumosus, Cocculus, Calathea and Leatherleaf. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and beyond into the spring season.

Greenery itself is pretty festive for St. Patrick’s Day, but the color green, and some special flowers, too, are also fitting ways to celebrate!

We love the greenery, plus the green Bells of Ireland, and accompanying yellow-hued blooms, including the Tulips, Roses, Buttons and Hydrangea, in this St. Patrick’s Day vase, designed by Val Foote of Sungrove Blossoms in New York.

Can’t forget about the greenery that brings the green touch along with the Irish-inspired flowers for St. Patrick’s Day, including Salal leaves and Variegated Pittosporum.

The Bells of Ireland are stunning with the yellow blooms, but they go pretty well with some white blooms, too. Don’t believe us? Check this one out.

Be sure to not forget the flowers for St. Patrick’s Day! Brought to us by Trudy’s Flowers of Illinois, this green and white vase of blooms and greenery was the perfect way to bring some luck for a celebration on March 17 and beyond.

Here, the Bells of Ireland again steal the show, paired with Daisies and Chrysanthemums, plus berries, wooden branches, and some fresh Salal leaves. Perfect for a party large or small.

Last, but certainly not at all least, from St. Patrick’s Day this year, from the overall design, to some cool techniques, and down to the Leatherleaf, this design is the pot of gold at the end of this post, and it definitely brings the luck of the Irish in!

Designed by Marcho’s Florist and Greenhouses in Pennsylvania, join us in admiring those stunning and fresh golden and white flowers, including Lilies, Snapdragons, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Goldenrod, Baby’s Breath, plus a Sunflower, too, topping it off.

For the day that celebrates the green, and with how amazing they look here, we can’t forget to mention the greens, and we absolutely love the rolled Variegated Aspidistra, and the fresh fronds of Leatherleaf included on the top and bottom.


A late Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you! Hope it was a great one if you celebrated. While we’ll have to wait for the same date, same time next year, March 17, to see more lucky St. Patrick’s Day florals, but check back next week here on the blog for more beautiful designs. 🍀

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